Friday, July 25, 2008

Miss E.

Some days I become a bit weary of the toddler/preschool age and find my self dreaming of a time when there will be no little ones to buckle into car seats and no abandoned sippy cups strewn across my floor. I try to focus on the present, knowing that before too long I will long for some little person to toddle into my kitchen and throw my Tupperware out everywhere...only to disappear into another room. I know it will seem like in just a blink of an eye I am no longer having to beg store owners to open their store five minutes early so the preschooler in tow can use the facilities before a major accident occurs on the sidewalk (Thanks again, Carter's Store Manager!). All too soon, there will be a day when these two little buddies of mine...who some days drain every last drop of energy I possess in my body...will be grown and won't need me near as much as they do today. Sigh.

In an attempt to preserve a tiny piece of this season in my life, here are a few random tidbits about Miss Evelyn, our sweet spirited almost 15 month old. (Note: when I started blogging a few years ago...I stopped updating the baby books. Oops. Bear with me on occasion when I record such trivial things about my children.)
*Talking: The girl can chat...a lot. This is not surprising to us in anyway considering who her older brother is. The words started before she turned one and her vocabulary continues to increase daily. Here is a collection of things she says: Mommy, Daddy, Issac (Iiiii-sic), more, juice (ju), nigh-nigh, Ra-Ra (her zebra), blankie, Car (sounds as if she is saying it with a strong Boston accent), Beep-Beep (sound she makes while riding on her push car...which she can maneuver quite quickly), crackers ("Crack"), Eat, Thank-you, "WaWa" (meaning...your welcome), Bye Bye, Hi, Bottle, Bath, Eyes, Book, Waffle (only thing she will eat in the morning...we are solely supporting the Eggo Whole Wheat Waffle corporation), blueberry ("baba")
*She loves to feed her babies, push her babies in the stroller, and lay her babies down for night night time (and occasionally sit on, crawl over, or chew on her babies...I am sure such urges will quiet down once she has children of her own one day)
*If Isaac does it, she attempts it. Period.
*In her little world, sharing is not an option. If another kid touches something she is playing with, the screaming begins. This makes me want to crawl under a rock. However, we are working on this.
*She can answer most questions asked of her with either a "yes" or a "no." The girl has no problem understanding and stating exactly what she wants.
*She has become a really great helper when asked to clean up. Evelyn loves bath and hurries to clean up at nighttime so she can go straight to the tub.
*The girl loves water.
*Evelyn is incredibly particular about what does and does not go into her mouth. She simply will not pick up certain foods and put them in her mouth. If I try to put something in her mouth, those lips clamp shut and there is no getting food pass them.
*She loves her big brother. He is the first person she asks for in the morning when she wakes-up. He loves her too, but likes to keep that a secret on most days.
*When the timing is right, the girl loves to cuddle. She loves for me to rock her with her blankie and "RaRa".
*Evelyn likes to stick close by me during the day. If I leave a room, she leaves a room. She is very interested in all the "exciting" things I do around the house.
*Sesame Street is her favorite show. She calls it "Day" in reference to the theme song ("Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away..."). She could watch clips of the opening song for hours on YouTube if allowed. I fear neither child will realize that they did watch Sesame Street growing up, considering Evelyn calls it "Day" and Isaac calls it "Monster Street." Silly kids.
We are about to take this sweet little girl to her favorite place in the world...the pool.
Happy Friday!

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