Thursday, July 03, 2008

Quote of the Day

The quote of the day goes to Isaac for saying:

"Mommy, I just wear my toes and go outside to help you." (Meaning, he will just go barefoot rather than take the time and effort to put on shoes. He failed to mention that he would also constantly complain about the concrete hurting his feet and repeatedly ask to be carried.)
As our family of four drove to the pool this afternoon to find some relief from the heat, Isaac kept adamantly telling us his friends were going to be there. I told him to not get his hopes up over a specific friend being there, but the pool is always a great place to meet new friends. He continued to say, "My friends are going to be at the pool" and went so far as to say, "My friends aren't here quite yet" when we pulled into the parking lot. Tobe and I just ignored the constant chatter about friends and the pool, hoping Isaac would not be disappointed with the children actually present that day.

About five minutes after being at the pool, we actually did run into one of Isaac's little friends from preschool, causing Isaac to proudly proclaim, "My friends are at the pool today."

I don't even know why we continue to doubt the boy anymore.

Although the maid never showed up, the bookcase was put back into working order. I know you were all concerned.
Happy Friday!

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Lainey-Paney said...

My son says, "I'll just go in my feet." Meaning, he wants to go barefoot!

Apparently it's a boy thing!