Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tales from Today

A common question we are asked about Evelyn is "Is she walking yet?" Seems that people really find that topic interesting. Not exactly sure why.

Well, she is in fact not walking. Since Isaac was 16.5 months old when he finally started to walk, we really are in no hurry for her to began such a phase anyway. Even if we were, it would not matter because the girl has such a stubborn streak that the "walking" (walking along things, pushing things, etc..) she does attempt happens only on her terms. If the mood is not right, she simply lets her legs crumple. I fully believe there will be no Kodak moment of E. clumsily walking between Tobe and myself, arms proudly outstretched. Nope. She will likely train herself in the privacy of her crib and just stand up one day and begin running.

I say all of that to say...we think she took her first steps tonight. Despite her jello-leg tendencies, she does walk along things and does like to do the straight-leg bear crawl. We were in the midst of a rousing game of family basketball (In the living room, because that is where most people keep their basketball goal), when I looked over and noticed Evelyn standing unassisted. I got Tobe's attention and we all witnessed her take a step and 1/2 before purposely sitting herself down on the ground.

We aren't sure if that counts or not. I think we are going to call it her first steps (and one day record it in her baby book if I ever get around to such matters) and see what happens. I imagine she went to bed with a big smirk on her face for getting the three of us all excited over something she might not attempt again for the next few months. Silly girl.


In true preschooler fashion, Isaac often attempts to think of one more thing at bedtime to prevent me from leaving his room. His famous phrase used to be, "I need something." but then could never produce a tangible item he needed. He then moved on to, "I have a secret for you." which usually turned out to be something scandalous like, "My favorite color is red." Tonight his stalling tactics involved the phrase of, "I have a question, Mommy."

I turned from the door and said, "Okaaaaaaay, what is your question?"

To which he replied, "Am I supposed to hit girls or not hit girls?"

I am fully convinced he was attempting to get me to launch into a three-part lecture about how we never hit/kick/bite/punch/etc in order to stall night-night time.

Little did he know that I had "Jon and Kate plus 8" recorded from last night and I was anxious to watch it. Such a viewing desire caused me to bite my tongue and simply reply, "We never hit anyone. Good-night."


Jennifer said...

that is too funny. H does the same thing.....keeps coming up with questions or things to tell me. It is so much harder to have patience when you are wanting to watch your taped TV shows!

DCVol said...

Love E's fiestiness- you are going to be so thankful she is that way when she starts dating :). Isaac is one smart little cookie to have such strategic stalling techniques! I thought "Jon and Kate" was a cute one Monday night- their 6 kiddos seem to be so much older now that they are 4. And Jon and Kate seem to be glamming it up more and more~ TLC must be treating them well since they are the #1 show and bringing in tons of ad revenue. Anyway~ I've decided that at some point you, Robin, myself and anyone else who wants to join us should have a girl weekend getaway! Maybe that will actuall happen in 10 years...who knows. Have a great week!

Robin said...

I'm sure your mom has some insight on where Evelyn gets her feistiness, right? My own mom says that watching Clara is like looking back in time. And that is not always meant as a compliment. :)

Isaac is too funny!! And it is beyond sweet that he just wants to hang out with you some more (cuz all day long just doesn't cut it sometimes!).