Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hello, Simple Mom!

Okay...if you didn't have enough to do today, I am sending you a new website to check out. Simple Mom is a great resource for all things organization/family/home life/etc with the underlying theme of keeping things simple. We all want to keep things simple, right?

This website also has free downloads available that would be great for any of you creating a household notebook. I have slowly started working on mine (when I am not painting a gigantic rocket cutout in my living room) and plan to get it finished next week. We'll see if that pans out.

Simple Mom has also posted an interview with the author of The Creative Family, a book that is on my "want" list. Check out the interview and then enter to win your very own copy of this intriguing book.

Happy Browsing! (and please note that the discovery of this website is likely going to be the reason why I am late to bible study this morning)

**Special thanks to reader, Pheobe, for telling me about the website. Thanks!!!

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Jennifer said...

I have not gotten around to commenting on the notebook thing. Girl, that makes me tired just to think about it. I wish you luck but the thought of doing one myself makes it hard to breathe. Maybe one day.......