Sunday, July 27, 2008

Two Little Monkeys Jumping in the Bed

A true miracle occurred this morning at casa de phillips: the four of us were dressed and actually had time to snap a few pictures before heading off to worship this morning. Truly miraculous, my friends.

Yes, the yellow was intentional. Some days, I just can't help myself.

I just checked the weather forecast for this week. The Weather Channel is predicting the high for tomorrow to be 107. Seriously, did I move to Phoenix and not realize it? 107 is simply ridiculous. My children are going to wonder if they will ever be allowed in the backyard after 8am again. With such high temperatures, the only outdoor activity we are going to be able to participate in would be runs to Sonic for slushes (my new addiction). And by "runs"...I mean loading up in the car and driving there despite the fact that our Sonic is within walking distance of casa de phillips.
Fortunately, Isaac and Evelyn seem to be doing okay with the fact that outside time is limited due to heat right now. Below is a video of one of their new favorite pastimes. Let us all pause and pray that the baby bed survives such activities.

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Sydni said...

The yellow family picture is fabulous!