Friday, August 15, 2008

A Change of Scenery

Here is where I usually blog... And here is where I will be blogging from now on....
Yes, the husband bought me my own laptop. I really consider it to be both of ours...however I am THRILLED to be mobile in my "putering" as Isaac calls it. Thanks, Baby!

In other "change of scenery" news, my mother-in-law called this evening and offered to come get the children tomorrow morning and entertain them for the day. Can I hear an "Amen!". Dear Readers, it has been a loooooooooong week here at casa de phillips. Due to both kids having colds, we haven't braved much into the outside world and I have had almost zero interaction with other adults. Tobe came home with a high fever late Wednesday evening and it was confirmed yesterday that he has strep throat. Evelyn's cold has not gotten better and she has a dreadful rash on her face. I took her into the pediatrician this morning where she was given the following diagnoses: rash/eczema on her face due to her cold, either pink eye or viral infection in her right eye, and possible secondary sinus infection. Fortunately her strep screen came back negative and she was already perking up this afternoon after two doses of medicine.

I am tired and I am looking forward to a change in scenery tomorrow that does not involve sippy cups, runny noses, or Blue's Clues for a few hours.

Today we headed out to Barnes and Noble to meet every one's friend, Curious George (Evelyn was kept in her stroller far from other children as to prevent spreading the Ebola virus it seems that she has and to keep others from questioning about her sweet face). Isaac was incredibly excited about meeting "his friend George"...until we arrived at Barnes and Noble. Due to our doctor's appointment running late, we arrived at story time just as it was beginning. It just so happened that George was entering as well. I don't know if Isaac was expecting an actual monkey or something that looked like an animated George, but I do know he was not expecting an overstuffed monkey to be walking around.

Isaac was less than thrilled to be in the same building as a large, walking stuffed animal.

Fortunately he is old enough not to break out into loud wails of protest. Rather he teared up a bit, stuck out his bottom lip, and pulled in close to my leg. During the entire reading of "Curious George Goes to School" Isaac kept a watchful eye on George, possibly making sure he didn't participate in any monkey business or accidentally come too close to where we were standing.

I did convince Isaac to have his picture taken with George (By "convince" I must admit that I bribed him with the opportunity to play at the train table after the picture was taken if he cooperated.) It is not the best picture, however I was able to crop out the two girls who somehow worked their way into the corner of our shot. Did I mention these two young girls were only wearing their swimsuits?

Notice that I had to make E's picture sepia toned to hide the rash. Poor thing.The other day I walked into the living room, where it was confirmed that both Isaac and Evelyn belong here at casa de phillips. I found them sitting on opposite couches, both quietly reading.

I am terribly excited about my change of scenery tomorrow. How are you going to change your scenery this weekend/week?


Mommahen said...

Hi! I have been a reader of your blog for sometime now. Not really sure how I was linked to it, but have sat in the closet reading your adventures for a while now.

Your post on E's eczema just pulled me out of that closet though. My 6 year old was basically born with eczema, it has been a long hard battle. So when you said you kept her away to ease others fears, it was so raw to me.

I blog as well and here is a link to a post I put together about my son's eczema:
Hang in there. Hopefully,
once her cold is gone her pretty little face will clear up.

Jennifer said...

great! Hope you enjoy your day without the kids!

GPaty said...

I chuckled at Isaac's fear of Curious George because Claire has the exact same anxiety about large characters. We go to the Sweetwater Mustang football games faithfully, and she is deathly afraid of the mascot. She won't take her picture with it, she won't even sit in the same section that the mascot is cheering in front of....crazy. Maybe they can share a therapist someday when dealing with these issues. ha!
Have a GREAT DAY TODAY! Hope everyone at your house starts feeling better soon.

Jennifer Reinsch said...

You mean to tell me that it is not appropriate to wear only your swimsuit out in public? Ah man, I do it all the time.

Shelley said...

What a great surprise!!! Love all your stories... Hope Miss E is better soon :)

Robin said...

Enjoy your time away. It is so hard when they're sick! Hope everyone is back to 100% (including Tobe!) by the time you return.