Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Interview with a Three Year Old

Today as I attempted to remain calm when I spied Isaac pulling the curtains that normally reside in the doorway of his closet (bi-fold closet doors are no child's friend) into the living room, I was again reminded that this little boy isn't quite so little anymore.

As I stood in the kitchen doorway, most likely with an alarmed expression on my face, Isaac quite calmly looked at me and said, "I sorry Mommy about my curtains. But, don't worry. You can fix them later."

He was right...I did manage to fix them later while he and sister feasted on lunch. As I struggled with the unforgiving tension rod and high closet doorway, I began to think about how one day I might not remember all the quirky preschool sayings that tumble from Isaac's (and soon to be Evelyn's...that girl can talk) mouth. To preserve such innocence, here is an interview with Mr. Isaac himself.

What is your name? Isaac

How old are you? 3

What is your favorite color? red

Who are your friends? Agrey ("Avery") , Mornin ("Morgan"), Andrew (as in his uncle Andrew)

What is your favorite activity to do at home? play basketball (I questioned this one considering the basketball goal sees minimal use)

What are you going to be one day when you are big like daddy? I am just gonna stay home

What is your favorite snack to eat? Lego Fruit Snacks

What is your favorite thing to watch on TV? Playhouse Disney and Blue's Clues

Where is your favorite place to go? Park

What is your favorite book? Little Critters "I Was So Mad"

In case you were wondering, I did consider videoing a version of this interview. However, Isaac immediately clams up when the camera is pointed towards him and his voice becomes amazingly quiet and unrecognizable. If I had access to one of those Nanny cams stuffed inside a teddy bear, we might have been able to film this interview. Alas, since I don't have a Nanny, there is no Nanny cam. Despite the fact that there was no camera, Isaac did pull the plug early on the interview due to the fact that he could no longer speak. Seems that the ol imagination has kicked into high gear and he spent a large portion of the day informing me in various ways that he could no longer speak.
I wonder if Evelyn knows that game yet...


margk said...

What a great birthday party. Looks like you were really busy. I love the decorations and the cake. I can't believe all of E's teeth! Happy Birthday to Isaac. He is precious!

Robin said...

I love the interview. I love Isaac's answers. And I love the picture at the top of your post. What a handsome, creative, SWEET big little boy you have!


Jennifer said...

too cute! Love the "stay home" comment.