Friday, August 22, 2008

Since We Last Talked

Many things have occurred at casa de phillips since my last post. Here is a brief sampling of life at our house.

1. Early Friday morning I heard Evelyn start crying while I was getting ready to head out to the gym. Not wanting her cries to wake anyone else in the house, I went it to check on her. Knowing she is getting even more teeth, I brought along a tube of Oragel to ease her teething pain. Once I was in her nursery, I realized that I had accidentally grabbed the unopened tube of medicine rather than the one we had been using. Oragel containers usually require scissors to be used in cutting off the tip of the tube, however I didn't want to leave E.'s room in search of scissors because her cries would just intensify. Using my super-mom skills, I managed to bite off the top of the tube and was able to get the medicine out. E. went back to sleep and I went to the gym....with the left side of my mouth completely numb due to the fact that the Oragel had leaked out when I bit the tip of the tube off. I spent the entire time on the elliptical trainer wiping my face, attempting to prevent drool from running out of my numb mouth. Nice.

2. That same day I needed to take our vacuum cleaner into the Vacuum Cleaner Hospital for possible repairs. I lugged it into the passenger seat of the phillips' station wagon and off the children and I went to the repair shop. Because it was a cool day and a empty parking lot, I left the children in the car (windows cracked, doors within ten feet of the car) while I drug the vacuum cleaner inside the store. The owner asked for a description of the problem, plugged the vacuum in, and then pointed out that I simply needed to hit the "reset" button on the front of the vacuum. Seems I hit a baseboard a bit too enthusiastically while cleaning one day and the vacuum motor simply needed to be reset. Wish I had known about that little button before hefting our vacuum cleaner in and out of the car twice.

3. The other day I walked in the living room where Isaac was sitting on the couch. I said something to him and he quickly silenced me by saying, "Shh, Mommy. I am reading in my Bible about 'Jon and Kate Plus 8." Yeah...we then had to have a discussion about how television shows are not found in the Bible.

4. Saturday Isaac walked into our bedroom where Tobe was on the computer and asked him, "Hey, Daddy, what is your email on?" When Tobe told him who his email account was with, Isaac said, "Yeah, so is Nana's." Oh the conversations we have with our three year old....

5. Late Friday afternoon Tobe asked me if I would run an errand for him later that night after the kids were in bed. I agreed to help him out...and then discovered the "errand" was to get a massage (the joy of living in a city is that one can get a massage at 8pm on a Friday night). It was a glorious 60 minutes of someone attempting to get out all the knots and tension that comes with carting around two kids (and the occasional vacuum cleaner) the majority of the day. Isn't my husband awesome?

6. Saturday Tobe scooped me up these new trouser jeans at Ann Taylor for the Fall. I might just live in them, they are so comfy. I highly recommend the trouser jean because they are dressy yet incredibly flattering to the figure. If only Fall would hurry up and get here so I can wear them...

7. As summer begins to wind down, we are savoring our last trips to the pool. Evelyn, at only 15 months old, can get herself in and out of the regular pool. She lowers herself into the pool, holds on to the side, and kicks and splashes around, and then proceeds to crawl out. It is slightly amazing, considering the girl doesn't actually walk yet.

8. I have attempted no less than 782 times to upload two videos to Blogger in the past four days...with no luck. Anyone else struggling with this or is it just me?

9. Last night I became incredibly involved in the men's Olympic marathon. How awesome is it that someone ran 26.2 miles in 2 hours and 6 seconds in unfavorable conditions? We were thrilled that a Kenyan won and cheered him on the entire race.

10. Tobe and I are a bit depressed that the Olympics are coming to an end tonight. We have loved watching them these past two weeks. What a great way for the world to come together and celebrate the human spirit! Yeah to China for hosting a great Olympics this it's time for them to admit those gymnasts are only 12.

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DCVol said...

The massage and jeans rock~ way to go Tobe! I am sad the Olympics are over's always so nice to feel that "proud to be an American" tingle.