Sunday, August 17, 2008

Not Our Healthiest

Anyone want to come over for a dinner party?

As of this typing, everyone that resides in casa de phillips is on antibiotics. Fun times around here. I feel as if we need to put a "Quarantine" sign on our front door or at the very least pass out surgical masks to anyone within a ten foot radius of our family. Obviously, we won't be hosting any dinner parties in the next few days until this bug has left our house.

Isaac started running a fever right before bedtime last night, so I loaded him up in the car and off we went to Urgent Care for a strep test. It came back positive, which I knew it would. He was a hit with all the nurses because he was wearing his blue dinosaur PJ's (he was about to go to bed before we noticed the fever) and carrying his stuffed friend, Raffes. He told the nurse staffing the desk exactly what was wrong (he had a "feber, sore throat, and sore neck") and what he needed ("I need to talk to the doctor"). If there wasn't a need for me to sign consent forms, I could have just stayed in the car. That boy is just getting too old for my taste.

I was less than impressed with Urgent Care. The nurse opted to talk loudly to Isaac, apparently thinking because he is little he obviously cannot hear a normal tone of voice. The doctor basically said, "He has strep" and then it was up to me to probe for information about what we should do, possible medicine reactions, treatment regime, etc. We finally left and went straight to the pharmacy to fill the antibiotic prescription...only to discover it was closed for the day (this discovery was made after I had taken a half-asleep Isaac out of the car and into the store). Tobe ventured out to the 24 hour pharmacy (which is not even slightly close to our house) while Isaac and I watched the Olympics. We finally got him medicated, observed him for a while for possible reaction to the antibiotic, and then everyone went to bed around 11pm (this is way late for our little boy who is usually asleep by 7:45 pm each night).

We started E. on her antibiotic this morning because her sinus infection is not getting any better (the doctor wanted us to wait until today to see if there was improvement before starting medicine). I am happy to report the rash on her face has improved and her beautiful skin is starting to reappear.

I started my own course of antibiotics this afternoon simply as a preventative measure. I know that one should never overuse antibiotics...but this mommy cannot afford to be out of commission.

We are going to become even more acquainted with the walls of casa de phillips this week as we continue to stay in a few more days and allow everyone to heal.

Perhaps by Wednesday we can venture into the outside world without fear of causing a national health crisis.


Kelly said...

Not fun! Hope everyone feels better soon. At least it's supposed to be rainy all week and you won't miss out on much outside.

Shelley said...

Hope you all get well SOON!

Robin said...

When it rains, it pours! Hang in there and I will say a prayer for your added patience and optimism (two things I always need more of when my kids are sick!!).


GPaty said...

Bless your heart! Hope everyone is better soon.