Thursday, August 07, 2008

Things I am Currently Pondering...

1. How one child could possibly desire to watch a single episode of Blue's Clues so much. I believe we have watched "Blue's Baby Brother" no less than 20 times. We do not watch a lot of television around here at all...but when the opportunity is provided, Blue's Clues is our first request. Evelyn even says, "B-ue! B-ue!" I found myself humming one of the tunes to this cartoon just today as I unloaded the dishwasher and I often ponder how we, as educated TV viewers, are supposed to truly believe that Joe is Steve's brother.

2. Apparently I felt it was a good idea to have the grandparents purchase a CD player...complete with microphone...for Isaac's birthday. The CD player was a great idea. The microphone only means that I now have the chance to hear, "BabyEvelyncomehere!!!!!!!!!!!" magnified by 100, multiple times a day.

3. How many teeth can one child get at one time? Evelyn is getting at least four teeth right now. I say "at least" because I am actually scared to put my finger in her mouth to take an accurate count. The crying jags have been more frequent and the opinions ("no!") clearly expressed this week. Bless us all. At least her mouth should be pretty full of teeth by the time these come in.

Evelyn's typical demeanor for the week

A peaceful moment...before I took her to the horror known as the Bible Study nurseryDoesn't that kerchief just kill you? She left it on all day like a good little lady.

4. Tobe believes that I am preparing our children for Sing Song 2027 (ACU reference)by having these pirate costumes purchased for Isaac's birthday. Here's the deal: Preschool boys like to dress up just as much as girls, however male-oriented dress up clothes are EXPENSIVE. When I saw these pirate costumes for $2.99 on the Little Tikes website, I knew they were a must-have. Besides I laughed so hard I cried when I placed that pirate hat on E.

5. Being that Evelyn is my first little girl, I am amazed at her internal instinct to care for and love her baby dolls. My parents brought my old high chair and cradle (which I used for my babies...not myself) for Evelyn to enjoy. They even recovered the tacky brown 1970's fabric that was covering the cushions. Evelyn has loved rocking her babies (in the high chair for some reason), feeding her babies, and putting her babies "nigh-nigh". She still manages to run over at least one of them daily in her push car, but she is a good little mommy anyway.

6. Being a parent is sometimes similar to a comedy routine found in some low-budget sitcom. Yesterday the kids and I went on an extended walk, with stops at various parks to enjoy the unseasonably cool weather. At one particular park, we had to make a bathroom break...which meant figuring out how to get the three of us and our stroller all into the bathroom together. While in the restroom, I noticed that Isaac had put his underwear on backwards that morning. I half-expected a laugh track to start playing as I attempted to remedy his situation in this tiny cramped bathroom, while maneuvering around our large double jogging stroller and attempting to prevent Evelyn from putting her hands in the toilet.'s never boring!


Kelli said...

Read "the Shack" if you haven't. It's the voice of God in a whole new light. I think it's a difficult read... lots of information and LOTS of things to ponder. I think you would enjoy it.

(sorry to comment in reference to the previous post)

I might be over to play with my cabbage patch kids sometime. They are treasures of my childhood and they won't survive in this house. Can you imagine the onslaught of yarn hair all over the place?

Ashley said...

Man, motherhood sure isn't boring at all!

Sweet little E. I hate teething. It is so sad for them and so frustrating for moms. I, too, am amazed at the maternal instinct in little girls. So sweet.

Sydni said...

That kerchief is the best! I'm so sorry for her about the teeth. Sayler always got a fever (every tooth) and so I don't believe people that say the teething process isn't painful. One can't fake a fever.