Monday, August 11, 2008

A Tale of Two Siblings

This little girl is 15 months today. Wow! It is almost hard to believe she is getting this big, except I doubt many 15 month olds are this opinionated or know exactly what they want quite like Miss E. For example, today at lunch she was served green peas, a turkey hot dog, and a graham cracker. Appears that "turkey hot dog" nor "graham cracker" were listed on her personal menu. She ate her peas, then looked straight at me while dropping the hot dog pieces and cracker on the floor. Sigh. Good thing her sweet moments out-weigh these streaks of strong willed defiance.

Today as the children and I were playing in E.'s room, I saw a great demonstration between the difference in having a girl and having a boy. We had opened a toy chest filled with stuffed animals and each child had grabbed a few to play with. As Evelyn sat feeding her stuffed puppy dog a bottle, Isaac was creating a gruesome scene where the stuffed alligator was attacking the grey plush mouse.
No worries, as it appears that Alligator and Mouse have resolved any differences and were later seen sitting next to each other at the birthday party Isaac threw for all the stuffed animals of casa de phillips this morning.


Sydni said...

People who say there is no difference just kill me. Really, and you don't have to have one of each of your own to realize this (but it is much more evident if you do, I'm sure).

DCVol said...

CUTE KIDDOS!!! I love E's kind of girl :). Your family notebook is SUCH an inspiration to me and I hope to copy that real soon to get my life a little more organized....thank you for the great idea and the pics to give me a mental image!

Jennifer said...

too funny! Hey, at least E ate the peas!!

Kelly said...

Oh my, Tate does the same look-you-in-the-eyes-while-throwing-food maneuver. It drives me bonkers! I know that a strong will and independent nature are great qualities, but boy are they exhausting as well.

Maybe Tate & Evelyn can meet for lunch and throw food at each other! :)