Thursday, August 21, 2008

Evelyn's List of Things To Do Today

1. Read books that only have a picture of a bath tub in them. All other books are left abandoned on the floor due to their lack of a glorious picture of a bath scene. 2. Become incredibly excited when she finds a picture of a bath tub
3.Take her baby on a light jog4. Meet her friends Buffy and Daphene at the local country club, wearing her most preppy attire possible, for a light round of tennis and a glass of iced tea.

4. Be a sweet, sweet girl.


Shelley said...

E is so CUTE! Love her outfit. She looks like such a big girl.

Kelly said...

Oh my goodness, she is cute!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

I know I said this on your facebook, but her hair is starting to look strawberry blond. Is she going to be blessed with your pretty hair?

Also, I saw Martha Stewart's 800 page manifesto in the book store the other day. All I can say is Oh. My. Goodness.

DCVol said...

That dress, bow, and little girl are all just TOOOOOO adorable. She is so beautiful!

DCVol said...

PS: I made the lasagna cups this week and they were so good! Thanks for that recommendation~ I love easy, do-able recipes that are not super intimidating but still yummy.....and I even substituted spinach for a veggie friend, so it's always nice to have a recipe option for vegetarians! I plan to soon try your taco pork barbeque recipe that you posted a while ago~ it's printed out and ready to go :).