Thursday, January 15, 2009

She's Got A Way About Her


Bless her sweet little 20 month old heart.

She could be the reason I have to eventually begin dying this mop of hair on my head....her spunkiness might really inspire the grays to be begin popping out all over.

She has been a bit more "spunkier" than usual as of late, possibly due to some growing pains and perhaps due to a cold she seems to have picked up this week. I keep reminding myself that this so-called spunk of hers will likely mean she will never fall prey to peer-pressure nor will any young boy ever break her little heart.

I also keep reminding myself I can eventually send her the bill for my hair colorist the minute she gets a job.

The "spunk" might seem a bit "spunkier" because her vocabulary is tremendous and sentences are flowing from her mouth. Although such verbal "spunk" can be trying, it often provides a bit of humor to the situation.

For example, on Tuesday I was preparing lunch while E. played in the living room (Isaac was off learning at preschool). I popped my head into the doorway and cheerfully asked Evelyn if she wanted chicken (her favorite) or pasta to eat.

She looked up at me, serious and stern, and said, "No. Candy, Mommy."

Bless her heart...and my hair.


Lauren from Indiana said...

Are those Uggs (or Ugg-style boots) on her sweet little feet? They are darling!

Phillips Family said...

uh..those would be little boots found on the clearance rack at wal-mart for $4.

They do just about melt my heart though

Lauren from Indiana said...

She is darling. How can you insist that something that darling eat nutritious lunches instead of candy?