Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day...Part 2

Anyone know how much law school is costing these days?

Tobe and I have known for quite the while that we might possibly have a future litigator in our house and often joke about saving up for law school as well as college. Isaac attempts to negotiate almost everything, sometimes in ways that are so clever we don't quite catch on that he is negotiating until the moment has passed.

It is a bit scary knowing that one's three year old might very well outsmart you in a few short years.

Today it became apparent that we might need to be saving for two tickets to law school....seems that Little Miss E. is quickly following in her brother's footsteps.

"Ice Chaos 2009" (or whatever the local news has tagged this storm as being) struck overnight and we were once again housebound. Toys were flying left and right out of closets and off-shelves as a particular little boy and girl attempted to entertain themselves. We are pretty vigilant about cleaning up one toy completely before getting another out (see my toy storage system here), mainly because we don't have a lot of space and because I get a bit antsy when I think we have lost pieces to a toy.

Today Evelyn wanted to play with her tea set (which usually involves dumping the entire contents out, taking two sips of pretend tea, and then going on about her day), but was informed she would need to clean up the dolls she was playing with first before I would open the tea set.

She batted those long eyelashes and said, "He-p ("help"), Mommy, He-p". Such a request was not met because the girl is quite capable to tossing a few dolls in a plastic container.

There was a bit of whining, a bit of fussing, and a bit of complaining....until her big eyes sparked and she ran to her room.

Evelyn then came marching proudly back into the living room, carting a picnic basket (which she can open by herself...unlike the container holding the tea set) that contains a metal cup and plate, smiled sweetly at me and said, "Tea. Mommy?"

Law school isn't that expensive, is it?

We did survive the ice day today without anyone going too bonkers (mainly me...I don't do well with confinement). There was some disappointment over not being able to go play in the "snow" but everyone had a good time this morning despite my refusal to let a bronchitis-recovering little boy and a sniffling little girl stomp around on patches of ice. Tobe was able to hang around for a few hours this morning, which was quite nice.
After naps, we ventured out to Wal-Mart to scoop up some pictures ordered for Tobe's office. I am going to be bold and proclaim that Wal-Mart can host its fair share of interesting individuals on a normal day. However, on a "snow" day it can really host some intriguing people.
For example, the woman carting her dog around in a baby sling.
Or the older couple blocking the check-out lane due to a very public disagreement over one of their purchases.
And finally, the cutest little blond boy singing "Barack Obama" repeatedly from the back of a shopping cart for a solid five minutes.
Don't know where that boy's mother was but perhaps she and his father might want to tone done the political banter at the supper table.
At least he wasn't giving his diatribe about Russia....
A few pictures from our "snow" day:
If you have preschool children who are interested in trains, I encourage you to check out Fisher Price's GeoTrax. They are greatness! Both kids can snap the track together and it stays together even when one's sister sits on it repeatedly. This was by far the toy of choice today. We played with it for hours.

We also had a bit of a costume party this morning.
Present was one train conductor and one lady in a purple boa and pink slippers.
Isaac and his bedhead


Jordan said...

Your pictures inspired me to clean out Eli's "dress-up" box and get Phoebe's "dress-up area" ready to go in her room. I'll post pictures when it's ready! Thanks for inspiring!

Lauren from Indiana said...

Law school, speaking from personal perspective, is WAY too expensive!!! Try the reverse psychology trick of convincing them that they actually want to pay for law school themselves...

Phillips Family said...

Lauren...I like the idea of the whole reverse psychology bit, convincing the kids to pay for their own school.

Jordan...can't wait to see the pictures!

kate m. said...

This post makes me laugh because my husband frequently makes fun of me as I also obsess about lost toys. I have been known to use a flashlight to look in small places where toys can be hidden. Funny. Your kids are cute, as always. Jackson had a GeoTrax train set that he got for his 3rd birthday, which was unfortunately eaten by Ike. That is one toy I plan on repurchasing for him with insurance money. Glad it could get you through a snow day!