Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A Healthy 2009

I am currently sitting on my parents' couch watching the new season of "Biggest Loser", contemplating eating some ice cream in the fridge. It is Weight Watcher's ice cream, so really I should not feel guilty at all about eating it while Bob and Jillian yell at people to run faster and jump higher.

As we enjoy this new season of weight loss reality (one of the few quality reality programs out there....at least it is making a difference), our minds have been bombarded with commercial after commercial about healthy eating and quality lifestyle choices.

Hello, January. Thanks for bringing a ray of positivity with you. We'll all need that by May when resolutions have been discarded and goals forgotten.

My question to you, as I view a 400+ pound teenager on television and wonder how a child gets to that point,: how do you plan to create a healthy family in 2009? Perhaps you already have established a healthy environment in your household. If so, how do you plan to maintain it?

What are your tips/tricks/rules/etc to have a healthy family?

Here at casa de phillips, we let our children consume large quantities of cake.


The Binkley Family said...

We started eating very differently about three years ago when I was made aware of the dangers of "hydrogenated" and "high fructose" and "enriched". It sent my family into anger initially as my grocery purchases were drastically different.

But I would really talk to Zach honestly about how important what we put into our body is. And then as I would go to the gym or train for the half-marathon I would talk to him about how important exercise is. It is really sticking with him. He very much understands moderation (we still have treats and eat out...we're not nuts!) and he also understands making healthier choices (why he can't have poptarts).

Gary....he's still coming around, but he did quit having so many migraines!

DCVol said...

I love the wedding pics~ you all look so beautiful and I especially like you and E's dresses :). We are working on getting healthier here by eating more fresh foods and less processed foods....I am not gifted in the cooking arena, but I am working on it!

Don said...

I say if you let your kids have cake you should let them eat it too....anyone? anyone? Is this thing on?

Jordan said...

Okay, so it feels a little funny to be talking of eating healthy when my children and I splurged on Chicken Fried Steak at a local place for lunch today (our meal was all the same color!), but we really have been trying.

Our family started eating "better" about six months ago when I realized that my son eats like a bird and my daughter doesn't so what he actually puts in his body needs to be full of good calories and what she puts in her body needs to be healthy ones. We've switched to mostly whole grain and multi-grain everything...bread, pasta, cereal. Although I do have to splurge on a good loaf of french bread and white pasta every once in a while. After that I just upped our vegetable and fruit intake. At least half of every meal (although not usually breakfast) is fruits and vegetables and I try to make them either raw or just steamed. I've learned that I'm a pickier eater than my children! We don't eat hardly any pre-packaged or processed food and I really try to watch the sugar. However, we are all suckers for some good cookies around here. I guess it's just all about moderation.

As for exercise...well, Brad is really the one who works out every day. I just don't let my children watch too much TV (most days not any at all) or play too many video games (also not any most days) and they seem to run off the energy on their own.

Shelley said...

Hey, chocolate cake is full of eggs and milk! Happy New Year!!