Thursday, January 22, 2009

Purse Expose

I am sure many of you have been unable to sleep since I stated I would soon be revealing the innards of my purse. Sorry to have kept everyone waiting for such riveting information.

Here is what my purse looks like from the outside:Nothing fancy, just a basic black bag. The particular brand is "Emilie M." that I often find at TJ Maxx. I like this brand because the bags are big (I rarely carry a diaper bag anymore now that the children are older), inexpensive, and come in a variety of styles and colors (I also have a red and funky shade of green bag from this line as well).

Now the interesting is everything I pulled out of my purse this morning as of 9:12am.The contents included:
*One green pen
*Two Sesame Street-themed watercolor pens
*One tiny board book
*One lid to a piece of Tupperware (Tupperware container was not in bag..not sure how lid wound up in bag)
*One GI Joe figure (popular with both children)
*Purple brush
*Set of car keys
*Small toy car
*Nail File
*Three lone nickels
*Three bobby pins (I have hair issues)
*One hair rubber band
*Unopened package of Toy Story stickers
*Package of Goldfish crackers
*Three boxes of raisins (Evelyn has raisin issues)
*Pair of Evelyn's sunglasses
*Sesame Street Watercolor book
*Small stuffed dog
*Two packages of tissue
*Buzz Lightyear notepad
*Random, unopened toy from a kid's meal
*Make-up bag holding two lipsticks and a pressed powder compact
*Cell Phone
*About 20 crushed goldfish crackers
*Approximately 11 used Kleenex tissues (Not pictured for obvious reasons)

Why am I carrying all this around on a daily basis? I really need some sort of purse that looks good on the outside and has specific pockets for each item, thus preventing me from absently stuffing things in my bag and carting unneeded items (Tupperware lids) around for weeks on end.

Anyone care to share what odd things they have in their purse?


Here is Miss E. at the park yesterday. I do greatly enjoy this picture because is captures that "spunk" we see so often. She was angry because our fair city had the nerve to bring out loud bulldozers and perform a park overhaul while she was attempting to enjoy nature.
PJ Day was yesterday at school. Isaac sported his Buzz Lightyear PJ's and socks, topping off the outfit with his car houseshoes. I hope his teachers greatly enjoyed how skinny his frame looks when wearing tight PJ's and large shoes. Such a sight just melts my heart. He was thrilled with the notion of wearing pajamas all day.

Evelyn enjoying Tuesday's activities. She can correctly identify President Obama now, however got confused with a local car dealership commercial that has a presidential look-alike in it. I attempted to explain that the president does not sell used cars as a side job, but she is intent that both men are the "Pres-dent".

Both children are under the weather. Isaac has a persistent cough and fever, so I decided a trip to the pediatrician was necessary. There are about 239 things I can think of that I would rather do than going to the pediatrician's office so I avoid it until completely necessary. Today's visit was not excruciatingly painful. We only waited about 40 minutes to see the doctor, Evelyn only screamed about 1/2 the time, and the staff only called once after I left about conflicting payment options.
While waiting to be seen, another mother and her two boys entered the office. The boys were a bit rowdy, one of them attempting to tell Isaac he was bigger and older (Isaac set the record straight by stating he is 3 and 1/2 years of age...that boy was a mere 3 years of age. Also, Isaac was taller by a good 3 inches. Ugh, I hate rude kids). After such nonsense was settled, the boy then proceeded to pull an iphone out of his mom's purse and watch movies on it (He did share it with Isaac, which was nice. Guess he got over the whole "bigger and older" deal.).
I thought it was quite generous of the mom to share her iphone with her child....until she pulled ANOTHER one out of her bag and began texting someone.
Who has two iphones? Is on the kid's and the other the moms?
I discreetly hid the play phone (received once in a kid's meal) Isaac and Evelyn had been fiddling with to avoid anymore competitions with this kid.
We eventually saw the doctor. Isaac was diagnosed with bronchitis and Evelyn with a potential sinus infection. Fun times.


Leslie said...

The contents of your purse are pretty impressive! I'll have to check and see what all I've got in mine. The only thing I can guarantee is hand sanitizer!

Sorry the kiddos are sick! Hope everyone starts feeling better!

Amy said...

Couldn't help but comment on this one! Hilarious! Especially the lid with no container!!:)

Once, at a banquet Jason and I were attending, a lady asked me for a kleenex. Of course, I had to start pulling things out of my purse to get to the kleenex. The lady could not control her laughter when I pulled out a pudding cup and plastic spoon!!:) HEY! A mommas got to be prepared at all times!! You never know when they're gonna need some pudding!

Hope the kids get well soon!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

My purse is a BOTTOMLESS PIT. I really do cringe each time I am forced to dig around in it for something I need. I would pay big bucks for a purse that really has lots of comparents and lends itself to good organization because I haven't been able to do that yet.

Kelli said...

Take that boy to see Buzz Lightyear soon!! Cutie pie.

Amy said...

Still sporting a messenger style diaper bag because of the pockets and slim dimensions. But, it is on its last legs (sigh) so I'm shopping too. Looking forward to reading about the greatest post-diaper bag purse.

margk said...

What is wrong with parents today! Sometimes (and I know I am guilty of this) I see parents giving in to their kids every request because it is easier. 3 year olds don't need iphones!

The only thing I see you are missing in your purse is a Leatherman. The scissors, pliers and screwdrivers have come in handy on many occasion. Of course you have to be careful, but luckily children cannot easily open them.