Thursday, January 08, 2009

Return to Casa de Phillips

Tomorrow morning, bright and early (actually waaaaay before "bright" can be used to describe the morning sky) we are setting off to return to casa de phillips.

Although incredibly eager about seeing Tobe, I am always a bit sad to leave home.

It is nice to have a hometown to return to, a place full of memories and numerous experiences to share with my children (they can already correctly identify my old elementary school). It is nice to be able to see people I know around every corner, nice to be recognized when just running into the local Wal-Mart to grab a few necessities. I have officially been gone from home for almost 14 years, so it is beyond nice to run into former acquaintances who don't quite recognize me at first and then comment on how I have grown up quite nicely ( One can only improve on mall bangs, dear reader. In fact, a acquaintance from school waited on me at a store today and had no idea who I was or that we have known each other for years....perhaps if I had been wearing jeans and converse sneakers as opposed to tailored pants she might have clued into who I am. Alas. I am sure we will catch up at the 20 year reunion.).

Although I feel like I am living in some sort of Bon Jovi song while spending time at home (I mean that in a good, sentimental way), it is time to return to casa de phillips. The children are showing signs of needing to return to a normal schedule: Isaac was awake for 2 hours last night due to a dream about being denied bread. It wasn't pretty. Evelyn has consumed a large quantity of french fries, so much so her poor little cholesterol level might be increasing as I type. We need to return home so Tobe can end his steady diet of Taco Bueno. And we really need to return home so Tobe and I can remove the Christmas lights still strung on our house before neighbors start to talk.

Let's pray the trip tomorrow is uneventful, the goldfish supply plentiful, and the packed toys totally enthralling. Or that 6+ hours goes by at warp speed.


brianchante said...

Oh Lynley,
I feel for you. The drive home by yourself with kids is something else. You are my hero for doing that with two kids. =) I'll lift you up in prayer (seriously).

Amy said...

So glad your mom could go with you! I have made that drive as a single parent and can attest that it is not fun. Rumor has it that there might be a 15 year reunion so the catching up may be 5 years sooner:-)

Welcome home!