Saturday, January 10, 2009


Here at casa de phillips we learned a valuable parenting lesson today:

One should preview any video on YouTube regarding pinatas before showing said video to one's child in hopes of better explaining this time-honored party tradition.
Isaac and Evelyn were all set to attend the fourth birthday of their beloved friend, Morgan, this afternoon. I knew there was going to be a pinata at the party, a fun birthday game that Isaac has yet to experience. I attempted to explain hitting open a pinata and the rush for candy, but Isaac simply looked at me with a blank expression. I then sent him back to search for his father and ask him to find videos of pinata-busting on the Internet. (Because what good is having a child with someone if you cannot send the child to your spouse when you run out of answers...or are feeling too lazy to provide an answer)

Tobe found a few videos that appeared to be child-friendly and he and Isaac began watching them.

In the first video, children swung madly at a paper donkey, everybody cheering when the father finally broke the pinata open and candy spilled everywhere.

The second video showed a group of elementary aged children circled around a boy about to bust open the pinata. The dad (who appeared to be videoing this whole experienced) was encouraging the boy to hit the pinata hard.

The boy did.

And the pinata proceeded to EXPLODE.

The video shows an explosion (obviously edited in) and then goes back to the scene of children, who are all now laying on the ground as if the explosion has injured them. One child is even screaming, "My leg! My leg!"

Not exactly the tutorial on how a pinata works at a party that we were looking for (*).

Despite this "interesting" video, Isaac was pumped for taking a turn at whacking the pinata and did fairly well. He did incredibly well in leading the children to begin chanting, "Candy! Candy!" as they waited for the pinata to be broken by an adult. Evelyn even got in on the action, scooping up candy as fast as she could regardless of the fact she does not even like candy.

Good times.
Taking a swing....sorry Hello Kitty
The Loot....3/4 of which will "disappear" before tomorrow morning
E. with her candy

Could little girls' clothes be any more fun?

** Please note that although the video was "interesting" it was in no way damaging to the psyche of our 3.5 year old. We later figured out (after watching the video several is pretty funny) that the video was a commercial for a type of bat.

***Can you tell playoff football is on...thus I am blogging on a Saturday night? After this, it is on to coupon clipping. It is nothing if not glamorous here at casa de phillips.


Jami said...

Love the outfit, where did you get it? Cute! Cute!

Shelley said...

Seeing Miss E in that outfit makes me REALLY sad that my little girls are growing up! So cute :) Glad the pinata was a success!!

Allison said...

Hi! I love stopping by and reading your blog! My mother bought Harper the exact outfit that Evelyn has on! It's adorable. However, she won't be wearing hers until next fall! I'm with you, girls clothes are so much fun!

Shanta said...

Welcome home! Congrats to your baby bro. I was going to add a belated comment to the "healthy family" post, below. I have found that my pickiest eater (hubby,) like the rest of the world, eats with our eyes. If I ask his opinion on a snack an hour before dinner, with "hey, you want an apple?" the answer is 99% of the time "No thanks." But if I don't say anything and have it all sliced up and nicely arranged on a plate, he'll help himself to half of it 99% of the time. Moral: It's all about presentation at the Murrays.

Also, just put it out. He won't go scrounging around the fridge when I have carrot sticks and ranch dressing sitting out all pretty. Planning = Preemption :)