Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Before Someone Called Me "Mommy"

Before I entered this stage of life known as "Mommyhood" I would never have imagined the following scenarios would actually occur in my life:

*Going out of my way to drive past such important landmarks as the "pink and red hot dogs", being on constant look-out for school buses, and referring to our local train as an actual person, going so far as to speculate what said train does in his "off-hours" (visit his grandparents, take a bath, lay down for a nap, etc).

*Using my t-shirt for an emergency Kleenex (It was a work-out tee and I had just returned home from the gym. If you have seen the extent of Evelyn's allergies, then you know this was a justified move.)

*Discussing whether or not Handy Manny and Kelly from the Hardware Shop have a thing going on (thanks, Kinda!), understanding what a digi-medal is, and singing the theme to the Little Einsteins while grocery shopping.

*Being able to cause an instant case of the severe giggles in my children simply by reciting the phrase, "Goodnight, mush." Proceeding to say this phrase repeatedly simply for the reaction of said children.

*Creating new words to replace perfectly good words already established in the English language. For instance, we refer to this type of drink as Monkey Milk, we call an overstuffed stationary chair the "Rock-Rock" chair, and refer to a stuffed pink bear as "InkInk".

*That there are days when I want to do a dance of joy when 7:45pm rolls around and the 3 foot and under crowd is safely tucked in their beds for the evening.

*I would get a bit misty-eyed watching my daughter run around a mall playplace, thinking back to the first time she visited such a an infant in a baby sling.

*That two little people can drive me a bit batty, make me laugh hysterically, and cause me to feel immensely blessed...all in the span of 23 seconds.

Anyone have one to share?


A few people have asked about the watermark (savethephillipsfamily) stamp on the lower right-hand side of my pictures. I started doing this about six months ago to help prevent the stealing of our pictures. As we all know, the Internet is a public place. Although copyright laws are somewhat in place for items on blogs, people can still take things off of a blog and claim it as their own....including pictures. By placing a watermark on pictures, such thievery is discouraged (I am sure some super-tech person could figure out a way to photoshop the watermark away but that seems like quite a bit of effort for a photo of a french fry cake or a snapshot of the interiors of my closet).

Picassa allows their users to watermark their photos with marks that are not distracting or obnoxious. Check it out and see if it works for you!


Kelly said...

Cute picture of you two.

I can recite "Is Your Mama A Llama?" Impressive, huh? :)

I did get a chuckle from your post, b/c "the old lady whispering hush" was the first line from a book that always got a laugh out of Tate. So sweet.

Sydni said...

Thanks for the explanation on the watermark. I think I should copy you. I knew it!

Ashley said...

Great post! I can relate to so many of them.

I also wonder if Kelly and Manny do as well. Hmmm