Monday, May 18, 2009

Welcome to Our Living Room


Jordan said...

So fun! I also like to peek into other people's lives...thanks for the invitation.

Two questions:
Do you have any tips on distressing wood? I've tried a few different techniques and I've never really been happy with them. I have some shelves for Eli's room that I want to distress, but haven't because I've never found just the right "technique".

Did you clean right before you video'd this? I keep a pretty "picked-up" house, but my children can destroy a room in 5 minutes flat. Were they napping? Banished to the backyard? Locked in the dungeon? (Just kidding. Sort of.)

Can't wait to see more!

DCVol said...

Beautiful! I can't believe you got that chair brand new for $50~ that is awesome. The "rock rock" chair is super sweet as well.

Sydni said...

How fun. I'm already anxious for the next installment. It all looks very nice and well organized!

Lisa said...

I love getting a little peak into other people's houses! Thanks for sharing! Love that piano... we're hoping that eventually we'll get my husband' parents' piano (the one my Hubby practiced on for 11 long years!)