Tuesday, May 05, 2009


We have various play phones laying around casa de phillips (ironically, we currently cannot find the real cordless phone that resides in the living room...but that is another post for another day). Often times the children will scoop up one of the play phones and make urgent phone calls. It is during those fleeting seconds that I get to hear what I sound like on the phone through the talk of my children. Typically they call Nanny (my mom) and usually throw in a few dramatic gasps before yelling "good-bye!" and tossing the phone aside (Hmmm...wonder why I cannot find the phone).

Motherhood is nothing if not humbling.

About a year ago, Isaac and Evelyn were being babysat by some family friends while our family attended the funeral of my great-grandmother. During that babysitting experience, Isaac informed one of the ladies that he needed to check his email. He was so serious and matter-of-fact about this statement that she actually paused for a moment and contemplated whether or not this almost three year old little boy did indeed have an email account (he does not).

Despite the fact that I am a stay-at-home mom, I am routinely "plugged-in" to the outside world via email, blogging, Facebook, and my need to Google everything rather than actually taking the time to discover an answer on my own. As we are approaching summer, I am contemplating what I want to accomplish over those three hot months with my children. I am also contemplating how I can unplug myself just a bit (don't worry, the blog will still be around. I have yet to tell about how the ducks and their new fence). Do I really need to know what a random acquaintance is doing everyday via Facebook? Should I dig out an actual phonebook rather than Googling the phone numbers of local business? Will my children actually have email accounts before they enter elementary school?

Anyone else contemplating unplugging just a tad this summer?

I enjoy reading the blog Girl Talk and these two posts (here and here) really address the need for mommies to unplug just a bit and keep the focus on their family and on raising children effectively. Just a little food for thought.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to check on the Facebook status of the girl who I used to carpool to Kindergarten with and look at the 10 day weather forecast before going to bed.

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Jennifer said...

I've gone back and forth on this for a while. Sometimes I feel guilty that I may be spending too much time on these devices, yet in many ways it keeps me connected to people since I stay home with the boys. I'm sure with them being home all day and us having no schedule but lots of things planned, I figure that naturally I'll be on here less. However, then I'll want to BLOG about our fun times so who knows!!