Monday, May 04, 2009

E's Classic Diner

Have I mentioned the Evelyn loves french fries?

"Love" actually is too mild a word to describe the feelings Evelyn holds towards any sort of cut and deep fried potato.

I thought we should celebrate her passion for this particular food at her second birthday. A simple french fry party eventually turned into a 1950's classic diner themed soiree.

So...welcome to E's Classic Diner.

A good friend of mine lent me this large number "2" saying I could paint it anyway I wanted. I opted for hot pink with black polka dots. I also opted to allow the kids to help paint this larger number, which turned out to be a great exercise in patience for me. exercise I do not plan to repeat anytime soon.

Did I mention there were costumes involved?

Isaac wore the classic white t-shirt with sleeves rolled up and hair slicked back while Evelyn bopped around in a pink poodle skirt and initial tee.


We transformed part of the kitchen into the classic diner with just a few signs

Hot pink cupcakes were served

Along with a French Fry Cake, complete with fake ketchup.

At some point, a few party-goers attempted to explain to Isaac who The Fonz was and teach him to say, "heeeeeey".

This is the end result of such instruction.The outside was also decorated

(I have more outside decor pictures but Blogger is being a real jerk about moving pictures around)

The kitchen hosted all of the food...the food we eventually placed in these empty bowls (why did I not take a picture of the table with food on it??).
E's Classic Diner served french fries (three kinds!), mini corn dogs, mini cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, fruit (to make up for all those fries), and marshmallows.

Did I mention that I dressed up as well?
I meant to make a name tag that read "Flo" but forgot until yesterday...24 hours after the end of the party.
Singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out of the candles.
Realizing that this fry was indeed NOT made of potato.
E. was unsure at first and then warmed up to the pound cake french fry.

Evelyn in all her (almost) two year old cuteness

The party was great fun and we only had to rush all the children inside once due to rain. Evelyn loved the poodle skirt and refers to it as "my pretty party poodle skirt." After a much needed trip to the dry cleaners (it has mud, ice cream, grease, and who knows what on it), the skirt will be added to her dress-up collection.
Isaac played his role of supportive big-brother well, offering to give tours of the kitchen and allowing me to put large amounts of gel in his hair. Because their ages are quite close, he was quite happy with a lot of the presents Evelyn received mainly because he feels like they only add to his own toy collection.
Evelyn had a blast, savoring time spent with family, friends, and her beloved french fry.


The Grovers said...

This is just the greatest party idea EVER! Thank you for showing those of us with younger girls that there are some other options besides Dora, Princess, and Barbie (not that there is anything wrong with those...)! :)

DCVol said...

Cute, cute, cute idea for a party theme! E is adorable and your kitchen decorations looked amazing....the stools looked SO REAL and everything else was so cute.

Kelly said...

What a creative and fun idea for a birthday party. And I can't get over that cake...looks like real fries! She is a poodle-skirt cutie!

Sydni said...

Once again I'm just blown away by your creativity! Everything looks so great. What fun!!!

Jordan said...


Did you make Evelyn's poodle skirt? Did you make her t-shirt? Both are adorable.

I just love birthday parties!!

Phillips Family said...

I wish I could say I made the outfit...but I didn't. The shirt I purchased on Etsy (I *heart* Etsy, by the way) and the skirt I found on clearance on line.

Lisa said...

Wow! You sure can throw a party! That french fry cake was such an awesome idea. You definitely put a lot of time & thought into your little girl's 2nd birthday bash. She looked completely adorable in her poddle skirt! You're definitely inspiring me to get off my butt & get more creative!

Shelley said...

What a great party!! I love the French Fry cake... since I am a lover of French Fries myself :)

Sydni said...

Would you be willing to tell me what you are doing (and why and everything) to get the "savethephillipsfamily" in the corner on all your pictures? I'm just wondering if it's something I should copy.... ??

Robin said...

What a creative theme! So much fun! I loved all your decorations and thematic food! And I can't quite believe Evelyn is 2! And I cannot believe how many exclamation points I used in this comment!!


Rebecca said...

What a cute party idea!! :) Love it!

Audra said...

I love all the stuff you put on the walls! Too cute. And the fry cake idea--ingenius!

American in Norway said...

That FRY cake is such a GREAT idea! think I am going to have to borrow it! : ) Thanks so much for sharing!