Wednesday, December 09, 2009

All I want for Christmas is some rechargeable batteries

When we purchased our first digital camera many moons ago, the second thing we bought shortly after was rechargeable batteries for said camera. Those batteries have saved us a lot of dollars over the years and prevented late-night runs to the local store in search of some much need AAs.

The battery charger has been running non-stop this December as I am constantly taking pictures attempting to document our Christmas season of 2009.

For example, I cannot miss the first holiday dress of the season Nor can I miss one of E's many Christmas outfits

And who doesn't want a picture of their children wearing full winter apparel (complete with two layers) standing in the living room?

The camera is even getting a work-out outside of our home. Here are three of the four members of our family at the local Christmas parade (The husband is taking the picture). Fortunately we live close enough to all the hub of activity in our town that we could walk to the parade. Unfortunately, temperatures dropped to 30 degrees that night and the walk/jog/rapid-run-to keep-warm on the way home was a bit brutal (for the husband and I...the children were nice and toasty in their stroller cocoon, wrapped in three blankets.)

The camera did not capture the woman sitting next to us who asked repeatedly if Isaac and Evelyn were twins, going so far as to say "Are you sure?". Sigh.

The camera braved the cold once again over the weekend to capture our family enjoying the annual pancake breakfast with Santa at our local fire house. Santa arrives to this soiree via helicopter, which makes it terribly exciting. The 26 degree temperature at 8am that morning also made it very cold.

Surely this child's mom did not forgo a hat on her head to keep pigtails in place...

The camera captured yet another hug exchanged between Santa and Isaac

The camera has caught expressions of giddiness on the faces of two little kids who are loving this holiday season

Finally, the camera has even captured a few adults on film as they get ready to partake in holiday cheer as well.
The husband and I before we attended the Michael W. Smith Christmas concert at the Meyerson.

The husband and I getting ready to head out and review a play.
With all this picture taking going on here at casa de phillips, perhaps I better ask Santa for one more set of rechargeable batteries to make sure I do not miss a thing.

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