Thursday, December 03, 2009

The Stay-at-Home Mom's Christmas List

Dear Santa,

It is currently naptime at my house and I thought I would sit down to write out my Christmas letter to you. I know writing such letters is really left to children, but I figured it would not hurt to give it a try. I only have a few requests on my list and I figured you might be able to help me with one or two.

This year, I would like

*Fabulous black wool pants that are as comfy as yoga pants but look like something a professional would wear as opposed to something worn by a SAHM at the park. (If they could also automatically repel spilled apple juice and snotty noses, that would be great.)

*An extra five hours to my day. (I could really use about seven extra hours, but I am trying not to be too greedy and keeping my requests to a minimum.)

*A maid would be lovely as well. Perhaps one that quietly walks behind the children, scooping up abandoned goldfish crackers in their wake and reminding them to put the toys away when they are finished. (If she is handy at cleaning bathrooms and mopping, I would really appreciate it.)

*Toys for my children that are completely silent and walk themselves back to the toy bins when play is done.

*An oven that cooks dinner on its own (Please not one that requires a light bulb to do so)

*For both children to simultaneously nap at the same time for the year 2010. (I know one child is soon going to outgrow naps, but let's ignore that little fact.)

*Size 4 clothing that always fit, even if I boycott the gym for the next 365 days. (Also, chocolate chip cookies that are as healthy as a serving a leafy green veggies would be nice as well)

*A tab at Starbucks, billed to a random billionaire who will never notice the occasional $3.73 charge taken from his account. (I can cover the tip)

That is my list, dear Santa. I hope you can bring a few things on it.

Happy Holidays,


PS. Oh, yes, peace on earth would be nice as well.


What would you add to your list to Santa?


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