Friday, December 11, 2009

Letters to Santa

Although I already penned my letter to Santa for this year, the children had yet to do so. On Monday we pulled out the pens, paper and stickers and set to work writing letters to Santa. I love for the children to practice their writing skills any chance they can get and dropping the man in red a line is the perfect opportunity to tie in writing with the holidays.

I had a very eager participant who needed little guidance on his letter. He wrote about half the letter, filling in the blanks with his own ideas (I did help with spelling, obviously).
Isaac and his letter to Santa...which involves some sort of spider and web drawing at the top. I was never clear as to how such an image represented Santa but I let such matters go.

My other letter-writing participant was less than thrilled. I thought about reminding Santa in her letter that she is indeed two years old and might need a bit of grace this year, but refrained. The picture below sums up her attitude during such an event.

A few days after writing out letters, we mailed them at our town's adorable red mailbox.

Thank goodness for big brothers who can reach up high and open the mail box slot!

Our letters have been sent off to the North Pole. The Santa who works the area around casa de phillips is really good about writing children a response, so we expect a reply in the next week or so.

After mailing out our letters, we stopped to admire the city Christmas tree. I love to tell the children about the time when Isaac was a baby and pulled off a small section of this tree. Although it was actually a different tree (the city tree has grown considerably in the past few years), the children find such a tale hilarious. I am sure by the time Isaac is an adult this family story will have morphed into something grand and quite far from the truth. Isn't that what family stories do anyway?

Did your children write letters to Santa this year?


The Binkley Family said...

We actually did not this year, for the first time since Zach is no longer a "believer". I did, however twist his arm into a Donuts with Santa event for a photo-op. The donuts were the selling point. LOL.

Jordan said...

We haven't yet, but will next week, I suppose. Eli wrote one at school and it's pretty impressive, but not on my lovely Santa paper...and Phoebe did not get to participate.

Santa leaves his reply in my children's stockings. It's funny that he does different things for different children! :)

Love the pictures!