Wednesday, December 30, 2009

School Days, School Days...Golden Apple Rule Days

Okay, readers...I need some imput.

I am furiously working on an article about preschool (and learning TONS in the process). I need to hear from YOU about if you send (or sent) your children to preschool.

Why did you choose to do so? (or not do so).

What were some of the factors you considered when making the preschool decision?

What things do you like about your current preschool? Are there things you wish you could change?

Please leave a comment or email me at and share your wisdom.

Thanks so much!

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Jennifer said...

I sent Hudson because he was the first child and I wanted some social interaction for him. Cooper goes now but his is mostly to help him with speech (so he can hear other kids talk correctly) I feel that it's a great way to slowly transistion them into regular school one day. One thing I look for is curriculum- although social is a big part, they can get that at playgroups. I want a preschool that actually follows some kind of curriculum that builds each year. My boys have learned so much from attending. Also just the obvious things like learning to stand in a line, etc.... Personally, I wanted a religous preschool where my boys attend chapel and learn about God. I look for a warm environment.