Saturday, December 05, 2009

Give-Away Winner

Despite the fact we live in the age of technology and despite the fact I live in a major metropolitan area, the phones and Internet have been down most of the afternoon here at casa de phillips. Fortunately this did not interfere with my nap. It did, however, interfere with telling you the winner of my giveaway.

Congratulations, to Holly O.! ( me your address and I will get your book to you ASAP!).

Want to know a fun story about how I know Holly? When I was in 9th grade my BFF and I attended a Christian youth conference in Tulsa, OK. We were paired with two other BFFs (who we did not know) from another youth group, all staying together in the same hotel room for the weekend.

One of those other girls was Holly O.

Fast-forward many years later to my freshman year of college when I happened to run into Holly at a freshman mixer. Small world, huh?

Thanks for enduring my story and congrats to Holly!

Also...many thanks for sharing your holiday traditions! I will be compiling some of these ideas into an article I am working on.

For those who did not win, stay tuned because I am going to be picking everyone's brain about preschool in the next few weeks and will host another give-away then as well.

Happy Weekend!

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