Thursday, December 17, 2009

One of life's little lessons

These two are as joined at the hip most days. They enjoy time away from their sibling, but often are thrilled to be reunited with their other half.

This morning as the two were deep in the process of building a sailboat from a push car, baby stroller, and assorted pieces of lacing string, I overheard the following conversation:

"Isaaaaaaaaaaac! Your messing up my sailboat!"

"Evelyn, just calm down. Calm. down."

"I not calm down! Mommyyyyyyyyyy! Isaac told me to calm down!"

Hiding my laughter, I pulled Isaac aside and told him it was time to learn one of life's lessons:

Never, ever tell a woman to calm down and expect her to do so.

His future wife will thank me some day for passing along such wisdom.


Anonymous said...

Are you sure they aren't twins? They sure do look like twins to me!!! Just kidding. MOM

Jennifer Reinsch said...

That is too funny, and oh so true.

Linda said...

those are two cute kids