Monday, April 07, 2008

100% Girl

Yes, casa de phillips is still in existence. Due to extended family coming to visit us this weekend, the ol blog was a bit neglected. No fear, my posting about such exciting events as library visits and grocery store trauma will resume.

Speaking of the grocery store, let me share a tip on how not to purchase large amounts of junk food while attempting to stock your pantry. If you visit the grocery store at the same time as a group of Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are there filming a spot for their cable access show, you will be more inclined to throw some veggies in the cart rather than the desired box of Chips Ahoy! cookies. Perhaps I can always schedule my grocery shopping around theirs in order to encourage healthy eating in hopes of looking a bit more like them (although I can already tell you that the white skirt/white boot combo would look horrible with my pasty skin tone, but I think I might be able to pull off the long, curled hair).

Saturday morning, Evelyn and I had the chance to have some quality girl time together while Tobe and Isaac visited a local museum with his family. Since in my mind quality girl time = shopping trip, we headed out after her morning nap. While browsing the racks at the Banana Republic (who is having a large spring sale, by the way), I heard the following conversation between mother and daughter nearby:

Mom: "This shirt would look good on you."

Daughter gives mother a disgusted look.

Mom: "But, Susie (name withheld to protect innocent), it is your color. You would look beautiful!"

Susie: "Moooooooom, it is watermelon. Gross."

The conversation warmed my heart and made me miss my own mom, because we have had this exact conversation no less than 489 times, usually over something the color of aqua or teal. I smiled, lost in memories of past shopping sprees with mom, until a sudden thought came over me. I am no less than ten years away from having this exact conversation with Evelyn, except that I will now be on the uncool side of things. Sigh.

Speaking of Miss E., here are a few latest pictures of the girl. She turns 11 months old at the end of the week, which means we are getting dangerously close to that one year mark. The girl is 100% girl (with a slight love for cars and balls) and greatly enjoys wearing this tutu I bought her recently at a consignment sale. There was likely a time not too long ago when I swore my daughter would not wear the tutu, but she looks so cute crawling around the house in it I could not resist. Besides, every girl needs a fashion statement.....even if that statement happens to be shades of watermelon or teal.


Sydni said...

Thanks for the great grocery shopping tip on how to not purchase junk food. Now if only some Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders would come to MT to do some grocery shopping.

Love the tutu!

Shanta said...

I'm glad you got some good girl time with Miss E. Time is flying by!!! Happy 11 months sweet girl!

Jennifer said...

yep, my mom and I had those conversations too! See what you have to look forward to?