Friday, April 18, 2008

Two Year Old Antics

Having a two and a half year old around proves to be quite entertaining most days. For instance, as I type this, Isaac is standing on his potty/step stool singing songs to himself in the mirror in my bathroom while brushing his teeth with Tobe's toothbrush. Apparently he finds his own reflection to be quite engaging.

Yesterday his favorite activity was carrying his step stool/potty around the house, using it to be able to reach light switches. Seems that most of the switches were in some need of repair (at least in his mind) and he worked on all of them for quite the while with his tool box. Fortunately they are all still working today.

Upon arriving home Monday morning after not seeing Isaac for two days, I informed him that I thought he had grown three feet since Saturday. He looked at me quite seriously and said, "I just grow two feet, Mommy....see (pointing at his actual feet)!"

Talking on the phone has also become a favorite pastime (when he is not carrying around his potty). He prefers to use the actual phone, rather than a toy one. After dialing no fewer than 23 numbers, Isaac starts into his conversation with the person he believes to be on the other end of the line. Yesterday it was one of his little friends (we'll call her Susie to protect her privacy). He happens to have a friend at school with the same name. His pretend call to "Susie" went something like this: "Hi, Susie, its me Isaac. You are not school Susie. You are other friend Susie. That is your name." Glad he cleared that one up.

Last night our little family went out to eat as a mini-celebration of my entering the 31st year of life. As we were winding down on eating, Isaac turned and informed the waitress (who was walking away from our table), "We are almost ready to go, Lady." Lady? To my knowledge neither Tobe nor myself refer to anyone as "Lady." We both were attempting to contain the laughter in fear of Isaac being encouraged to call everyone, "Lady."

Happy Friday!

Here are a few random pictures, simply because I feel they make my posts a bit more interesting (although what could be more interesting than talking about someone carrying around a potty chair?). I wish I was one of those bloggers who toted her camera everywhere in order to have pictures that corresponded to the stories told. Sadly, I am not. However, I always have some random pictures to throw on the end just for fun.


summer said...

I think Isaac and Ethan would have a blast together. The other day while going up the elevator to Brad's office Ethan referred to someone as a "white man". What??? As in, "Mommy, what is that white man doing in the elevator?" Again, What???

Sydni said...

I absolutely adore the bluebonnet pictures!

Sayler really enjoys the light switches these days too. Perhaps it's a 2 yr. old thing.

I'm also really glad for Isaac that he has grown only 'two feet'.... so CUTE and FUNNY!

Amy said...

Two Feet! He's already witty! Btw, Happy Birthday!

margk said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I love the "two feet" story.

Kelly said...

Happy (subtle) Birthday! You barely snuck that one in there. :)