Monday, April 28, 2008

Weekend Recap

The husband and I hit the town Saturday evening to attend the wedding of one of his co-workers. Meals that do not involve sippy cups, dinosaur chicken nuggets, or an abundance of cracker crumbs are always enjoyable. The wedding was a blast and I enjoyed talking with all of Tobe's friends. Like the dress I am wearing? The husband bought it for me at one of my favorite stores, White House Black Market. He's cool like that.

Isaac's mysterious fever disappeared late Friday evening and has yet to return. He still had a case of whiny-ness over the weekend, but at least I did not have to give him a bath at 2:30am while the rest of the house slept. Despite the lack of fever, the past few nights Isaac has been claiming to have a "high feed-ber" in hopes of being able to stay up past his bedtime and watch Food Network with Mommy. So far that little scheme hasn't worked.
After a busy weekend and a fun play date this morning, we are gearing up for a super-busy month of May. First on the list, E's first birthday party....which reminds me I should really get around to planning that little event before she is scarred for eternity over the fact that we barely acknowledged the first year of her life.
Off to channel my inner Martha Stewart...


Kelly said...

Love the dress already but even more so because it was picked out by a husband! Impressive.

Glad your little guy is feeling better.

Shelley said...

Love the dress... your hubby did GOOD! Glad Mr. Isaac is feeling better :)