Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Home Again!

All four members of casa de phillips are home, safe and sound, attempting to find our normal daily routine. If you happen to stumble across it, please send it this way.

Thanks for all the comments about my Grandmother. She has been moved into a rehabilitation facility for a few weeks to receive physical therapy and to help her shoulder heal. She is one tough cookie and isn't going to let a mere shoulder break get her down.
Evelyn and I flew back to Texas Monday morning, after almost missing our flight due to incredibly heavy traffic created by an accident. Although getting through security was a breeze with just one child (I won't mention how a considerate TSA worker became severely frustrated when I told him I could not lift our heavy stroller onto the conveyor belt while holding a wiggly 11 month old....fortunately Kind Business Man stepped in and helped.), the flight was not our best. Evelyn has a need to GO and sitting in a car seat (after enduring one for almost two hours in traffic) or in my lap is not her idea of fun. However, she did greatly love standing in my lap and waving at any and every passenger who would look her way. Special thanks goes out to the man sitting in front of me who felt the need to recline his seat, despite the fact that there is zero leg room anyway and I was holding a fussy baby. Thanks, dude. Hope you enjoyed your paper from your reclined position. I enjoyed letting my child repeatedly put the tray table up and down during the flight, since it happened to be in my face anyway.

Moving on....

Monday afternoon Tobe and I headed out to Houston for the Bruce Springsteen concert (I had to give my ticket up for the show in Dallas Sunday night because of the impromptu trip to Arkansas). Only one word describes the show: EXCELLENT! We were questioned by a fellow concert-goer as to our age (we look younger than we are...especially with no kids in tow...and most people in the crowd were middle-aged) and then given great accolades for our taste in music. It was a great, quick trip. One of the highlights was witnessing the end of a drug bust at our hotel when we check-in. Nice. However, my sense of reasoning decided that since a drug bust had already occurred, we were quite safe. I am nothing if not practical.

Today is all about getting back into our groove and cleaning the hovel that is our house. Wish us luck.

While E. and I were away, Tobe and Isaac fit more into two days than I get accomplished with the children all week. They enjoyed each other's company so much, I do not think they realized the girls were gone.

Here are a few pictures of Isaac at our local farm enjoying a spring festival:


summer said...

Glad you made it home and your Grandmother is going to be okay. We are taking our first flight with Ethan in June. How we managed to avoid it for this long is a mystery, but I always enjoy your post-flight commentary. And good luck with the hovel cleaning. You make me laugh.

Kelly said...

You are inspiring me. I'll be flying by myself with Tate for the first time in another month. Good timing to be right in the middle of the must-be-moving-all-of-the-time phase. I'm already stressing! :)

Amy said...

Glad all's well at casa de phillips! Did you hear about ACU's policy change regarding alcohol?

Jennifer said...

Glad you made it home safely. Good luck getting back into the routine of things!!