Thursday, April 17, 2008

$100 Put to Good Use

Several months ago, Tobe received a call from our Alma mater. The purpose of the call was to promote the upcoming release of the alumni directory This was to be no ordinary alumni directory...but the supreme source of any and all alumni information one might need to know.
In a moment of weakness and perhaps out of a bit of Wildcat pride (which we do have quite a bit of around here), Tobe agreed to purchase the directory for the low price of $99. Yes, apparently the days of the free Hello! Book are gone. However, Tobe was promised a free round-trip airfare for making this purchase.

Just a few weeks ago, this supreme alumni directory came up in conversation. We realized we had yet to receive our golden copy despite the fact that many,many months had passed since that night Tobe placed his order. Although we have yet to have any major need to look up long lost alumni, the fact that we were unable to due to our missing directory sent us (okay, me) into a mild panic.

Last week our patience was rewarded when our prized directory arrived in the mail. Immediately I ripped into the box and did the most obvious thing one would do with a large phone book they paid big bucks for....I looked up all my close friends. Despite the fact that I know Alison's phone number, her spouse's name, the number of children she has birthed, and I talk to her on a weekly basis, I still felt compelled to examine her spot in the alumni directory. Obviously our money was put to good use.

After researching all old roomies and friends who I see on a regular basis, I began to search out my own little spot in the directory. The great thing about this mega-directory is that girls (women?) are cross-referenced by maiden and married name. I looked up myself, noted that I was married to Tobe, had received two degrees from ACU, and had two lovely children. Yep, that's me.

Next I headed on to read Tobe's information. His little blurb listed his various degrees (he's a smart one, y'all), his lovely wife, Lynley, his current job title, and his son Isaac.

Yes, just his son, Isaac.

Tobe's blurb was on the bottom of the page and it seems there was no room to include Evelyn's name. Apparently $99 isn't enough to solve such a technical problem. So all the past ACU graduates who happen to look both Tobe and myself up in this directory in order to see what is going on in our lives will notice that although I have two children, my husband only has one.


While Isaac was at school yesterday, I took Evelyn out to attempt some bluebonnet pictures for her birthday card. Nothing turned out great and when we were leaving I realized a security guard (we were in a vacant field adjacent to a large factory) was scouring the field looking for something...potentially us (not sure if we were actually allowed to be in that field). Here are a few pictures from today.


Kelli said...

That is actually very funny. I wonder how many alum are busy looking up your info and trying to figure that one out.

Happy Birthday to you! I hope it's a great day!!!

Amy said...

E's absolutely adorable in the pics! Does she like to "play" with her bow? C never would let me keep a bow in her hair for very long. She's better about it now though:)

Kelly said...

That looks like a good bluebonnet location. The only ones I've found are attached to the highway.

JenniferReinsch said...

Poor Evelyn. That girl is going to look at the directory one day and be very confused.

The Binkley Family said...

So you know...I am sure Gary's entry in that book is void of any mention of Zach or I. He is not good about keeping up with that kind of stuff.