Friday, April 11, 2008

Casa de Phillips' Tree Removal Service

When Isaac was a baby, I quickly realized the mega-empire that is Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Being the doting new mommy, I eagerly took Isaac to the local mall to have his photo taken with Santa. It was then that I realized photo ops with Santa were not a mere $5 as I had expected them to be....rather packages started at $16.99. Same thing with the Easter Bunny. I love my children, but paying almost $20 for a picture of a crying baby sitting in the lap of a bored, costumed adult sounds crazy to me. It was then that I decided we could simply purchase our own Santa and Bunny suits, dress Tobe up during these holiday times, and charge a mere $7.99 and make a killing.

Although we have yet to do this, I still think it would make a great business.

Yesterday I decided upon a new business venture for casa de phillips: Tree Removal. Due to violent storms that struck our area Wednesday night, we had damage to a tree in our front yard. After calling many tree removal services, I quickly realized that it is perfectly okay to inflate prices for such services after a storm. One polite man told me to take the first available person and pay whatever price asked if I wanted the tree removed before May, due to the high number of removal requests in our area. He told me I could be asked to pay as high as $2,000 and that was apparently a-okay.

Obviously he doesn't know that if we are shelling out $2,000 to anyone it better be to some luxury hotel in a tropical climate.

After learning of tree removal racketeering, I decided that I could learn to use a chainsaw and start my own little side business each spring. If we charged simply $800 per tree we could totally afford the nanny who would have to come care for the children while their mama is yielding large machinery and hacking up trees.

Here are some pictures of our damage: The whole tree is going to have to be removed because it is quite unstable. I told Tobe I am in mourning over the loss of this beautiful pear tree because we basically nursed it back to good health when we moved into casa de phillips six years ago.

I did manage to find someone to cut up and remove the tree...including the stump...for a reasonable price. I am not sure they are an actual listed business (the man was quite proud that he did not charge sales tax), but I am not really phased by such technicalities at this point. I would simply like to be able to walk in my front yard without having to either climb over a large branch or fear a unstable tree is going to fall on my head.
We also lost a small section of our fence as well. Notice that square of dirt in our backyard? That is our garden, where Isaac and Tobe are growing corn.
Here is Isaac next to his "crop" which we discuss in length every day. His favorite thing to do is check on the corn, yell at the corn to grow, and instruct the sun to shine down on his corn in order to make it grow. I'll let y'all know when we have our corn harvesting party over here.

Happy Friday!


Sydni said...

What a cute garded and great learning experience.

I'm also really glad to hear that you found someone to remove the tree for a reasonable price. I'd be really sad to lose such a tree too!

Jennifer said...

That is so neat that you are growing corn. How fun!

Isn't it sad that these people raise prices when they know people are desperate? Glad you got it removed though.

Kelly said...

Wow! I had no idea prices were that high. Can't wait to hear about the corn once it's here.

Kelli said...

Ask Isaac to make me some corn chips when his corn comes up.

Did you know that you can rent Santa to come visit around Christmas? Our friend told us that a few years ago, he and his wife paid a man $175 for 30 MINUTES to come in their back door dressed as Santa! They said Santa barely spoke and that they packed a bag of their gifts on the back porch, he knocked, came in, sat down, handed the gifts to our friend and then they in turn handed them out to the kids (a Santa contract requirement in case names are too hard to pronounce) and then handed out candy canes and left in the a elf driven limo out the front door. Scott and I have done the math and have decided this is the career path set before us if no job is to be found by the holidays. I believe there is an elf hat floating around somewhere that is Tobe's if you guys would like to split the Christmas loot 50/50. Our friends had him come early morning on Christmas Eve and the prices go up crazy high as each half hour approaches midnight, or Christmas morning!