Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Good-bye, "Mother of the Year" Dreams...

Should the powers-that-be happen to be handing out "Mother of the Year" awards this week, my name will not be plated in gold on any sort of plaque.

In the wee morning hours, I awoke to a complaining two year old telling me he had a messy face. Despite my sleepy state, I did notice that his nose seemed stuffy and quickly assumed it must have been dripping onto his face. I retrieved a tissue for him and sent him back to bed.

I awoke ten minutes later to him vomiting in my bedroom doorway.

After rushing him to the bathroom, where more sickness occurred, I woke-up a bit more and realized that the messy face he had been complaining of earlier was the result of him being sick in his bed...the bed I had unknowingly sent him back to sleep in.

A quick clean-up and a sip of water later, I returned him to bed assuming that the sickness was a freak accident of allergy drainage. Um, not so much. It continued until around lunchtime today. Our washer has been going constantly and the house is almost unrecognizable with toys strewn about. As I compose this post, there is a little tikes yellow chair sitting next to the computer desk. Not sure how or why it came into my bedroom and hopefully it will just-as-mysteriously return to its place of origin.

Due to his little bout with the stomach bug and being unable to keep even a tablespoon of Pedi-lyte down, Isaac was administered some anti-nausea medicine the old-fashioned, quite unpleasant way. As I gently attempted to explain the procedure for administering such medicine, he looked up at me and said, "But it (meaning the vomit) not come out my bo*tom, it is coming out my mouth." Bless his heart.

Most of the sickness seems to be gone, with a surge of energy inspiring Isaac to wake from his nap (he had fallen asleep after the medicine had been given to him at 11am) in search of Mommy who was attempting to snooze on the couch due to the fact I had been awake since 3:30am (E. was napping in her crib at this time). I had barely closed my eyes after putting Evelyn down, when I hear a little voice say, "I need more orange juice (referring to the Pedi-lyte he had been sipping on). I like my orange juice because I like the color orange." Good to know. This was at 1pm, so it was a long afternoon with a tired mommy, a sick toddler, and a baby happy to explore all off-limits areas of casa de phillips.

Isaac was feeling puny again this evening so we deemed it an early bath and bedtime night. As I dressed him in his pajamas, I asked if he wanted Tobe to read him a story in the rock-rock chair or in his bed. He flatly replied, "I just want to sleep." The boy was sound asleep by 7:05pm.

I am off to find slumber my own self. Hopefully tomorrow there will be no tales of sickness and the ol washing machine can have a much deserved break.


margk said...

Thank goodness for phenegren! Hope the rest of you stay well!

Kelly said...

I'm SO sorry and hope he gets better while no one else get sick.

Sydni said...

In my opinion (which may or may not be worth much) I definitely think you deserve - at least - a 'Mother of the Day' award!

Little kids get sick so often.

It's my hope that Isaac gets to feeling much better SOON and that no one else in your family comes down with that terrible bug.

JanMary said...

It's tough when the little ones are sick. Hope no-one else goes down with it, and you get a break.

Paige said...

YUCK! Hope things are better and you got some rest.

kate m. said...

I hope Isaac feels better soon! I hate stomach bugs more than anything else. We had our own little throwing-up episode in the car yesterday. It was disgusting. I even had to throw my purse away because somehow Jackson managed to throw-up inside my purse despite its presumably safe distance from him. After cleaning out the car completely just once, I certainly think that after cleaning up throw-up all day long, your aspirations for mother of the year are still alive!