Sunday, June 29, 2008

Our Little Pitcher

Recently we have discovered the true meaning to the well-worn phrase of "Little Pitchers have big ears." Seems that our little pitcher, whom we affectionately call "Isaac", has decided that every conversation that transpires between Tobe and myself within a 25 yard radius of where Isaac happens to be at the time is fair game for the boy to comment on.

For instance, the other day we were driving down the street of our hometown when I noticed a man with a long beard and long brown hair. Being the witty person that I am (and making the same joke I have been making since sixth grade), I said, "Hey Tobe,'s Jesus."

Funny, right?

That is when a little voice piped up from the backseat excitedly saying, "It IS Jesus. I see him!"

So after a lengthy clarification of how that man on the street was indeed NOT our Savior and was just a man who happened to look like the artistic renderings of what Jesus may/may not have looked like, I now know to keep such comments to myself or at the very least make them after 8pm when all children are in bed.


Below is a little video I shot this evening after dinner. This little "decorating" extravaganza transpired in under five minutes, yet took much, much longer to clean up.


Jennifer Reinsch said...

Okay, I fell out of my chair laughing with the whole Jesus comment.

Sydni said...

Isaac is so smart. Evelyn's dancing is completely adorable and I need braces too, for a bad overbite (sometimes in pictures I look like I have no teeth). Who knows if we'll ever spring for them. Sayler will get them before I do probably - ha. I did NOT make Clint's birthday cake. My mom did. I've never made an angel food cake in my life - bad, I know. Actually, I don't even have an angel food pan. Do you make angel food cakes?

Shelley said...

LOVE the Jesus story! Too cute... Isaac is so adorable! I am sure that is what you thought when you saw his room :)

Robin said...

Too funny. Thanks for the reminder to watch what I say...


Anonymous said...

I made a poop caterpillar