Thursday, November 12, 2009

Enjoying the dynamic duo..separately

These two little ones together can be a ton of fun (or a slightly large headache depending on the day and time) Sometimes it is nice to spend one-on-one time with them as well. Our school schedule this year allows such individual time to happened, which we try to take advantage of as much as possible.

Yesterday the husband and I took Isaac here to enjoy a bit of history and nature.

It has been a long time (about 2.5 years) since it has just been the three of us. We all enjoyed exploring some log cabins, riding a train and then feasting on a large lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant...all accomplished before we were due back to scoop up Miss E. from preschool.

Last week, the amazing Miss E. and I (along with some friends) enjoyed some quality girl time at a local boutique. This particular store hosts a tea time for little girls, complete with dress-up clothes, cupcakes, and hot pink tea. I refrained from putting on the adult sized Cinderella costume I spied in the corner and stuck with a simple feather boa. I did not refrain from eating my very own cupcake.

E. loved every bit of this girly experience and has requested that we return to the princess store again soon.

If you have multiple children, how do you manage to squeeze in some individual time with them on a regular basis?

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Rena--Museum Educator said...

Hi! I read your blog and was very excited when I recognized the scenery on this post!

We hope you enjoyed your visit, and we look forward to seeing you again soon. Thanks for the lovely article on the Examiner!

Take care,
Rena Lawrence, Museum Educator
Log Cabin Village