Monday, November 23, 2009

Thankful for life's conveniences

Before I became a mother, I would never have imagined the following statement would fall from my mouth (fingers?? keyboard?? life behind a computer is so complex at times):

"I am thankful for a shopping cart."

Yes, a shopping cart. It is no secret that my children do not accompany me when I go to the grocery store for our big twice-a-month excursions. They stay at home with their father, nice and cozy in PJs playing some odd game the three of them created involving a basket of balls and a random assortment of toys. I shop in peace, they all bond, everyone wins.

On occasion I do have to take a child to the store to grab a few things that we need. Often times the child that accompanies me is Miss E, my shopping partner in crime while her brother is at school. Miss E. is quite the shopper and enjoys our excursions.

She has also become quite the shopping cart connoisseur. She knows what type cart each particular store has, if she likes that cart and if I will allow her to ride in said cart (I banned the TV cart over a year ago and somehow we have managed to keep trudging on through life). Her current favorite is the model found at a local Tom Thumb grocery store while her least desirable cart option is found at (gasp...dare I say it) Central Market.

That was until Friday.

Friday the two of us discovered the new cart for kids at our local Wal-Mart. This cart had the bucket seats for two child riders and the standard basket to hold all the goodies. However, the bucket seats seemed to be at the perfect height, rather than too high or too low. The seat was not just a mere sliver of plastic, barely large enough to cover a child's rear end. Instead it was large and comfy. The seats faced forward, allowing Miss E. to be able to take in all the action of the store.

Miss E. was not the only one loving the cart. It maneuvered around turns easily. There was no loud thumping as we walked along, which such kiddie carts often have due to their large size and unbalanced wheels. It felt as if I were casually pushing a light little cart rather than having to focus all my strength into simply getting the thing to move forward as has been the case in the past.

The cart was wonderful, dear reader, and for that I am thankful.

As we exited the store and found our way to the car in the parking lot, it was time to bid our lovely cart farewell. I passed another mom who was attempting to get twin toddlers into the store with minimal issue. I stopped her and told her she needed my shopping cart. I might possibly have uttered the phrase "It will change your life."

What are little convenience are you thankful for today?

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Jordan said...

Wet Wipes.

I think I will carry them around in my purse until my children leave for college.