Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

The sounds of Thanksgiving are swirling around me. Someone is vacuuming, someone is cooking, the children are "decorating" for the "party" by strategically placing large pictures of Diego around the house, and the parade is on the television.

As I steal a few moments away, I just wanted to say that on this Thanksgiving I am thankful for YOU! Many thanks to those of you who click over here day after day to read the thoughts I throw out on the Internet. Thanks to those of you who leave comments, who appreciate the posts I write and who take time out of your busy schedule to read about mine.

Happy Thanksgiving, from savethephillipsfamily!

(My family just found me tucked away with the laptop. I am off to enjoy this beautiful day of thanks with those that I love most. Hope you get to do the same.)

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