Sunday, November 08, 2009

You had me at "Chi"

When he married me, my husband likely thought he got a pretty good deal.

At the time I was quickly teaching myself how to cook (rather successfully...with the exception of the 4 Cheese Macaroni Incident of 2001), cleaned our little 900 sq. foot home every Thursday night while he was in class and was quite content with snuggling on the couch late at night watching Friends reruns rather than blowing our small salaries on nights out on the town.

Not the "standard" gal, I was not one to demand flowers or require expensive jewelry. Toss around a few "I love yous" on a regular basis, kiss me good-bye and hello, and perhaps leave a little note for me on occasion and I am good to go.

See what I mean about the husband getting a pretty good deal?

Although he got a pretty good deal in this whole marriage thing, I got an even better one.

Know that bit about me not needing bouquets of roses or big sparkly diamonds? Well, the husband could have just stopped there. He could have simply recognized that he somehow lucked out and would never be forced to browse the expensive and confusing displays at the local jewelery store, questioning how he would ever find that perfect piece that would make the ol wife happy. Instead of just being thankful he did not have to partake in buying me the typical wife-wooing gifts, the husband got creative.

A month into our marriage, he arrived home one afternoon bearing a clown cone from Baskin Robbins.

As I munched away on my cute little clown made of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, I loved him a bit more.

The year before we became pregnant with Isaac and had just decided to start a family, he gifted me with a few stuffed animals to go in the future nursery.

I smiled just last week when Isaac *gently* tossed one of those stuffed animals at his sister in a manner only a big brother can do, smiling at the memory of that animal's entrance into our home.

For my birthday last year, the husband sent me away for the weekend where I could enjoy a blissful 48 hours of not having to fetch apple juice and goldfish for cute little people or clean up said apple juice and goldfish after those cute little people. Those two peaceful days recharged my batteries and made me even more thankful for my life long partner.

There are likely hundreds of gifts, some big and others small, that the husband has bestowed upon me during our decade+ of knowing each other.

Friday he put all those gifts to shame.

The family had just finished eating supper. I was rushing around attempting to get dressed (the husband and I were going out after the kids were in bed), gather things for the following day and attempting to field the hundreds of questions only preschoolers can generate. As I was scattering my piles of clothes and shoes around on the bed, I noticed a box. Then I noticed it was not just any box. It was this box:

Be still my beating heart.

That boy had gone out and purchased me a hair styling product.

And he did not buy just any old hair gizmo.

He bought a CHI.

Just because.

A few nights prior to the bestowing of this gift, I had mentioned how the man behind the CHI company is considering a run for Governor of our state. Completely bypassing any and all political talk, I then went on and on about the greatness of the Chi hair straightener. I surmised that anyone known for designing such a highly respected hair styling tool would most likely make a good Governor. The conversation transitioned onto another subject and nothing else was said about CHI's or hair straighteners or about the fact that I most likely should reconsider my methodology for selecting potential political figures.

Then on Friday the CHI box magically appeared on my bed.

Some girls' love language might be flashy rings or large expensive bags or glitzy trips. I can confidently say that my love language is hair styling tools.

What is a totally random, completely wonderful gift your significant other has bestowed upon you?


DKDFW said...

"Chi" like "wee" or "chi" like "hi"?

The Binkley Family said...

For Christmas one year, Gary got me a deluxe snowcone maker that actually shaves the ice and the syrups like the stands use. I was so excited, because snowcones are one of my favorite summer items!

Jennifer Reinsch said...

Such a sweet post. What a thoughtful gift. I know how much I love my Chi, and so I can definitely feel your excitement at having been surprised with one.

GPaty said...

I just read that post outloud to Cody and we both giggled hysterically! Sooooooo precious! We are both so blessed to be married to the two most adorable men on the planet!!