Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween 2009...aka The Year Isaac's Mom Went as a Chicken

After a weekend spent celebrating Halloween, I believe the Phillips' family is finally ready to retire the Robin Hood costumes for just a bit.

After weeks and weeks of searching for the perfect family theme for costumes, Tobe came up with the idea for us to go as the Robin Hood clan (actually, he came up with the idea for Isaac and E. to be Robin Hood and Maid Marion. I came up with the idea for the adults to dress up as well.). I loved the Robin Hood idea, but was not sure the children would even know who Robin Hood was. How could I sell them on a costume idea if they were not familiar with the character?

We went out and bought the Disney version of Robin Hood and watched it as a family. I remember it being a favorite of mine when I was a child and both the kids enjoyed it as well (although Isaac did get a bit upset in the 22 seconds viewers are lead to believe that Robin Hood has been killed by Prince Richard). After the viewing of the movie and talk of having a bow and arrow, the children were sold on the costume idea.

It was decided that Isaac would be Robin Hood, E. would be Maid Marian, Tobe would be Little John, and I would be the lady-in-waiting.

In the weeks and days leading up to Halloween, people often asked Isaac what he was going to dress as for Halloween. He proudly told the person that he was going to be Robin Hood. He would then go on to explain that his sister was going to be Maid Marian, his daddy was going to be Little John, and his mommy was going to be a chicken.

Yes...a chicken.

If you are familiar with Disney's version of Robin Hood, then you know the characters are portrayed by animals.

The lady-in-waiting ("Ms. Cluck") is a chicken.

Somehow, in the planning of our costumes Isaac translated me dressing as the lady-in-waiting as being Ms. Cluck, and thus dressing as a chicken.

I cannot tell you the strange stares I received from people when Isaac informed them that his mother was set to be a chicken for Halloween. The first few times I attempted to explain what my real costume was going to be and why my child perceived said costume as being that of a chicken, but I usually got even more puzzled looks.

Eventually I simply smiled and nodded, leaving many people wondering why three out of the four members of a family were dressing in a Robin Hood theme and the mom was standing alone dressed as a chicken.

Miss E. and her lady-in-waiting

Little John and Robin Hood

Brave Robin Hood

Robin Hood needed a quiver to hold his bow and arrows...so I "made" one out of a Pringles can.

Remember last week when I mentioned Isaac had a cut directly between his eyes? Well, he attempted to shoot his bow and arrow (before I modified it) backwards into his face. We are thankful it did not hit his eye. Said bow and arrows now live high up in his closet.

Pretty Maid Marian...whose hat was worn for all of 2 minutes on Halloween

With the aid of Velcro rollers, mouse and lots of hair spray I was able to give Miss E. some stylish princess hair. I also put a bit of blush and lip gloss on her little face. She wanted mascara ("Make-ups my eyes, Mommy!") but I thought that was a bit much for a two year old.

Trick or treating...at a winery.

Robin Hood conquering the hay maze

Miss E. eating a sucker.

Fortunately the girl is not much one for candy.

Trick or treating in our neighborhood.

By this point, the kids' pumpkins were quite laden with candy from a trunk or treat we had attended. Isaac was quite the gentleman and carried his sister's pumpkin for her.

At two different houses, the decor scared E. One house had a tombstone that sang a song, which made her a bit nervous. Another house turned on a fog machine which cause E. to bolt away in fear.

Halloween 2009 was quite the successful weekend for our little family, regardless of the fact that both kids (and now myself) were battling colds.

Now I am off to think of next year's costumes...

Perhaps they will include a chicken theme into them...


Kelly said...

Very funny about the chicken. The theme is great and such impressive costumes!

Jordan said...

Don't you sometimes feel that Sing Song actually taught us one of the Very Most Important Life Lessons...how to make Halloween costumes with hot glue guns and trash?

I'm still in awe of your family-themed costumes. They really were brilliant. Robin Hood was one of my faves back in the day and my brother can still sing the "Robin Hood and Little John" song.

I think you all need to consume large amounts of candy to battle your colds. I'm pretty sure it's what the doctor would recommend! :)