Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thankful for Moleskin

With Thanksgiving only a week away, I thought I would take the next seven days to share things I am thankful for...some whimsical, others sentimental and others perhaps a bit deep (perhaps...I do discuss a lot of frivolous things here at savethephillipsfamily and I don't want to get too serious and scare people away).

Today I shall share something a bit whimsical that I am terribly thankful for, something that has become almost a fifth limb for me. It is my moleskin notebook.

I am a writer. I have been writing for a long time, about various topics and issues. I once attempted to write a "novel" on a family road trip when I was in middle school. (I guess I should also say that I am a dork as well as a writer).

Now that I write on a regular basis, I needed something to house all my ideas. A place where I could jot down a few thoughts, flesh out some topic ideas, and make notes of future topics. My moleskin notebook is just the place to house such thoughts. I am constantly reaching for it, writing down a note or an idea before it escapes my brain. It is filled with various shades of ink and random little scraps of thought.

If someone were to stumble across my moleskin notebook, they might think they have found the journal of a very confused, very odd individual who has the inability to complete a sentence or form a coherent thought. All though it is a bit of a mess, it is my mess and it keeps my writing focused and flowing.

So today I am thankful for my moleskin notebook.

(and for the fact that the novel I penned in fifth grade likely resides in the city dump where no one can ever read it)

What are you thankful for today?


Yesterday I talked about teaching gratitude to children over here and over here (yes, articles do get recycled and rewritten). When you click over here, notice my new profile picture courtesy of Paige Pearson Photography!


texasholly said...

I need to get something like that. It would be better than the collection of random pieces of paper in my purse.

Paige said...

Love the one you picked! You are so talented my friend. Stacey carries on of those journals everywhere with him!

Robin said...

Too funny...I just submitted an article to MOL called "Teaching Gratitude" yesterday. It is very similar to yours (at least in purpose)! It remains to be seen if they'll publish mine...anyway, I wanted you to know I wrote my article BEFORE I read yours. Promise. :)

Oh, and I'm thankful for pumpkin muffins. A batch will be ready in about 15 minutes. :)