Monday, November 16, 2009

A Home for E.

I have a vivid memory of being on the playground of my elementary school (What's up, Denner Dawgs!) and partaking in a conversation with a friend about pogo balls. That year they were the must-have Christmas present. This particular girl's mom had canvassed half of the state in search of a pogo ball, hoping to find one in time for the holidays.

I remember wondering why her mom was going to such great lengths to find a present, especially one that was never really quite that fun in my opinion.

Fast forward 20 some odd years later and I have found myself searching the Internet furiously for a particular present for Miss E. Months ago I stumbled across a huge assortment of dollhouse furniture for the beloved (and now retired) Little Tikes Dollhouse. Knowing that we had planned on buying E. a dollhouse for Christmas this year, I snatched that bag of goodies up thinking finding the dollhouse would be a piece of cake. I contacted my local Little Tikes resale guru (*), only to discover she had no houses for sale (with the exception of the mansion which might require an addition to be added onto casa de phillips in order for us to have space to house it).

No problem, I thought. I will just search that handy-dandy popular on-line auction site.

My "searching" has transformed into hours spent pouring over various dollhouses for sale, contemplating which would be better and which would not force us to live off of rice and beans for the month of December in order to finance shipping and handling charges. I have called all local consignment stores (remember this particular house is retired...meaning it has to be purchased used) to see if they have one on their shelves. I have searched Cra*gslist in my area and all surrounding major cities....and possibly even larger cities where I have friends who could scoop up the house for me.

I might possibly have become that crazed parent in search of the perfect Christmas present.

You'll be happy to know that I have limited myself to a driving radius of 200 miles, which would not quite be canvassing my state in hopes of finding this present.


What presents are topping your children's Christmas lists this year? Please share!


*If you live near me, I will be happy to pass along the contact information for my Little Tikes resale lady. She is the go-to source for anyone needing Little Tikes toys (with the obvious exception of those looking for a dollhouse).

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