Wednesday, November 04, 2009

A few personal links...

The children (okay, mainly Isaac) are starting to understand that when Mommy is working at her computer she is actually doing something as opposed to merely playing Dora's on-line candy land. Recently I have started both kids working on journaling (post coming on such a topic) to help them with their writing skills (notice I use that term loosely...they are only 4 and 2) and to help them gain a better understanding of what mommy means when she says, "Hold on. I am writing something."

Here are a few links to some articles I have written lately, some during nap time and others with a little body hovering near questioning when I will be available to get them more apple juice:

Also, last Friday an article of mine previewed in an insert of the Dallas Morning News. A few weeks ago when I first got word that this was going to happen, I was quite excited. Then I was told I would be a part of a photo-shoot to go along with the article.
Said photo shoot went well. Despite the numerous outfit changes (and the cute child model ..named Isaac...who sat in for a few frames), only two pictures made it into the article (one is just a picture of a sweater I own...without me in the sweater).
Fun times.
For some of you, this edition can be scooped up at your neighborhood Starbucks.
Or you can just swing by casa de phillips and get one of the 50 copies I have swiped so far.


Kelly said...

That is so exciting...congrats!!!!

texasholly said...

It turned out soooo cute! Love it.

Robin said...

Congrats!! If your writing career doesn't take off (although it certainly appears it has!), you can turn to modeling. You look great!


Jennifer Reinsch said...

So cool! Congrats!