Friday, May 02, 2008

Positive, Positve Friday

Positive thoughts....positive thoughts...positive thoughts....

That is what I am going to convey on my little blog today because posts this week have seemed to be quite the downers. I am quite positive no one wants to enter the weekend hearing me complain about sickness or early mornings yet again.

Isaac appears to be on the mend, health wise. After a solid 12 hours of sleep, he awoke yesterday morning happy and eager to play. He even invited Evelyn to join him in his room, which has been a rare occurrence lately. The happy mood had disappeared by around 9am and was replaced by post-sickness grouchiness. I decided we all needed a breath of fresh air and loaded us up for the mall after Evelyn's morning nap.

About 2.4 seconds after stepping foot inside the mall, I was already threatening to turn our red stroller around and leave if Isaac did not manage to pull his attitude together. Aren't such threats the worse? The only person who whose psyche would have truly been hurt had we vacated the mall due to bad behavior would have been mine. I am the one who had to return something at one place and scoop something up at another....Isaac was merely along for the ride. Typically our outings run quite smoothly and everyone enjoys themselves. Yesterday I could tell we were on borrowed time and had a very small window of opportunity before grouchiness (Isaac's...Evelyn and I were in our element) set in and disciplining had to begin.

We managed to get all errands done at the mall and find a few smiles and giggles along the way. A fellow mommy who I did not know wanted to chat about our stroller and the ages of my children while we both scoured the sales racks at Banana Republic (the location of my return). She was quite chatty due to the fact that her children were in Mothers Day Out at the time and she was free to wander leisurely. I attempted to wind up the conversation, desperately wanting to explain it was because our window of opportunity was closing rapidly. Finally we escaped and continued our mall journey.

The window closed quickly at the very end of our excursion while Isaac was shopping for a birthday present for his sister (she turns one in a little over a week!!!). For some reason, this was the breaking point, causing me to abandon our purchases and retreat to the car. Consequences were administered and nap time began the moment we walked through the doors of casa de phillips. Happy Isaac joined us after nap time and all was well.

Because we are approaching the weekend and because I promised positive thoughts, I want to encourage you, dear reader, to rush out and purchase some ice cream this weekend (what is more positive than ice cream?). Not just any ice cream, but Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream. Mysteriously the honey bee population is disappearing. Tobe recently told me this, to which I replied, "I knew that last summer." (Aren't I a jewel to live with? However, with a newborn last summer I was watching a lot more news during middle of the night feedings and staying up with all the latest stories). Haagan Dazs has embarked on this campaign to Help the Honey Bees because we rely on them for the pollination of many fruits and for the production of honey. So do the world a favor and eat some ice cream these next few days.

Happy Friday!


Wade said...

Hey L,

How thoughtful of you! You've made me feel so much better about that big bowl of ice cream I ate last night!

Who ever thought that I could save honey bees from the brink of extinction by throwing down some Blue Bell!

Thanks so much!


Shelley said...

Ice Cream sound awesome and now I have a way to justify eating it! Save the bees. Happy Weekend...

JenniferReinsch said...

Now I have a purpose for buying ice cream. Woohoo!

Kathy Slattengren said...

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Good luck!


Ashley said...

I have never had Honey Bee Ice Cream. Maybe I need to try it.

How is Evelyn one in a week? Man, time sure does fly by

Glad things are getting better.