Thursday, May 22, 2008

Carnival, anyone?

A friend and I took our kids to the park today for an early picnic lunch and a little bit of play time on the equipment. Despite the overcast skies and breeze, the thermometer read 90 degrees when we arrived home. Ugh. Towards the end of our park time, Isaac had to lay down due to the fact he was feeling sick and was over-heated. Fun times.

This leads me to my semi-brilliant thought of the day: I want to know what all you other mommies have planned for the summer. What are you going to do to keep your children busy, educated, entertained, and free of heat stroke? Most importantly, what are you going to do to keep your own sanity in place this summer?

Such questions are burning a hole in my head and I really desire to know what all of you are doing this summer, from the planned, structured activities to the lazy day stuff. Therefore, I am contemplating hosting a carnival here at save the phillips family. The idea would be to put up a link (Mr. Linky) on Monday, June 2nd where all of you readers can link to your own blog from this one. On your blog you would put up a post about all the summer activities (or lack of....this is nothing fancy) you have planned. This gives you a chance to share your ideas.....and more importantly gives you a chance to borrow other people's ideas. Together, we can conquer the summer months without kids bouncing off the walls due to boredom or anyone visiting the ER with a serious case of dehydration as the result of playing in the already-hot sun at 8am.

So, are you interested in sharing your plans for the summer? Child's age, activities, and political affiliation don't matter...I think the more readers that join in, the better. Leave me a comment if you want to participate and we'll see how many want to attend the "carnival". If the numbers look promising, I'll let you know.


Jennifer said...

that sounds fun! Count me in.

Oh, and I thought about you today as I took the boys to Let's Jump so that we could burn off some energy and get out of the house. I almost broke my back as I squeezed through one of the courses.....honestly, I bent so far one way that I thought I'd be in trouble. Although I questioned my sanity while there, I'm benefiting greatly from Cooper's huge nap and we have plans to go tonight after dad gets home (we have all day admission) so fingers crossed that they both sleep hard tonight too. Besides, it's Grey's and Lost finales tonight. Woo-Hoo!!

kate m. said...

I will participate! We are always looking for new ideas of things to do. We also have the added bonus of dodging the masses of mosquitoes that invade our little island!