Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nancy Reagan Would Be Proud

Yesterday was non-stop action for casa de phillips. We went to preschool, Target, ate lunch, took naps (not me...although everyday as one child or the other is fussing about napping I often think of how I would weep tears of joy should my own mother tuck me in and "force" me to sleep in the afternoon), attended a retirement party at my old school, met Tobe at the mall for supper, and then returned home for baths and bedtime.


As our little family of four was leaving the mall, there happened to be a man leaning against a handicap sign smoking.

It was then that a loud, preschool voice yelled out, "No, Mr. smoking. That man is smoking. No Smoking!"

Although we are waaaaaaaaaay against the use of tobacco products of any kind here at casa de phillips, we have yet to have the "No drugs" talk with our son because the chances of him being offered any type of illegal substances at his church-run preschool or on the playground of our hip suburban park are really quite slim. However it appears someone has taught him to "Just Say No" to cigarettes, a lesson he apparently took to heart and felt the need to share with "Mr. Man."

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JenniferReinsch said...

I now feel the need to purchase Isaac a "Just Say No" t-shirt from the 80s to fully indoctorinate him. Way to go, Isaac.

Now someon needs to teach Evelyn to say "No New Taxes."