Monday, May 26, 2008

Staycation '08

Friday evening I told Tobe I was planning big things for our long, holiday weekend, informing him that "Staycation '08" was going to be great.

I then had to inform him that I did not invent the word "Staycation" but rather had stolen it from Good Morning America. His eyes lost a bit of their glimmer with that revelation. However, I am glad I confessed to my plagiarism because the word "Staycation" was all over the media this weekend. Seems gas at $4.01 a gallon does that (although I have yet to see the $4 mark here, I did see $3.95 less than a mile from our house. I am glad we have a super-cool double stroller because that is going to be our mode of transportation this summer.)

Staycation '08 involved swimming in the baby pool (Evelyn LOVED it. I am sure the new neighbors also were quite amused at the sight of me splashing around in a inflatable pool), trips to Barnes and Noble, accidentally eating with small children at a semi-fancy restaurant due to the fact the original place we planned to dine was without air-conditioning, watching The Orphanage, shopping for fun foods to cook at Central Market, viewing of the new Indiana Jones movie thanks to free babysitting provided by the grandparents (Loved it!), donut picnics, playing at the park, weeding of some flowerbeds, lots of playing inside and out, and completion of one and a half books by me. Staycation '08 did come to a screeching halt when we realized last night at 6:40pm that our ceiling in the laundry room was leaking and had to call the air conditioning repairman to come out on Memorial Day, but fun was had by all anyway.

My favorite quote from Staycation '08 was Isaac response to me one particular evening when I told him to go use the restroom. Already known for his ability to argue/negotiate, he quite seriously said, "How about I just pee-pee tomorrow?"

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Jen said...

The media stole the term from the Canadian tv show "Corner Gas" so don't feel to bad about the theft.