Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One Year Down...

Regardless of the fact that "Pomp and Circumstance" was not played by the local marching band nor was there an elaborate displayto mark the event, Isaac hit another mini-milestone today as he successfully completed his first year of preschool.

Travel with me down memory lane....

Here is Isaac on his first day of school in September 2007
Those shorts he's wearing....they were size 12 months. Poor kid.

Isaac today on his last day of school, May 2008
(Thankfully he's wearing size 2T shorts)
As was tradition in my house growing up, we went for donuts this morning before the last day of school to celebrate Isaac's accomplishments this school year. The shop owner was also proud of Isaac and gave us some extra donuts free of charge.
Tobe and Evelyn enjoying some morning time before he scooted off to work
To be fair, here is a picture I took of Evelyn that first morning Isaac went to school. Here is Evelyn this morning....she was not too eager to sit in the rocking chair to have her picture made. In fact, I quickly discovered that she knows how to roll onto her stomach and lower herself onto the floor in order to safely exit the chair. Evelyn and I are going to miss our one on one times that we have shared every Wednesday morning this school year.
Isaac upon returning home from school
(He is wearing different clothes due to the fact it was Water Day at school...thus he went in his swimsuit)

Taking the giant preschool step was a big leap of faith for me this year. I toyed with the idea for months, going back and forth about if I wanted him to start school so early or if I just wanted him to hang out with me a while longer. I finally decided that he did need some time away from me to build up his social skills and learn to interact with other adults and other children. Fortunately we were blessed to discover this small program with a strong focus on academics with teachers who love him like he is their own. In September, Isaac was shy and would cry in overwhelming public situations. These days he is leading sing-alongs and befriends any and everyone. What a blessing!

One school year down...20 more to go?


Kelly said...

What a special day! They both look so much older in those Sept/May pictures. Time does fly.

JenniferReinsch said...

He looks so grown up!