Friday, May 30, 2008

The Girl and Her Brother

After what has seemed to be a very long week of parenting, I was blessed this morning to hear Isaac say, "Hey, Mommy, we're friends!" as he hugged his sister in a normal, non-death grip sort of way. Warms my heart.

Of course three seconds after the hug was initiated, Evelyn was screaming at him and pushing him away. The joys of sibling hood bestowed right before my eyes.

This morning we took the girl to the doctor for her one year check up. Seems she is still on track to becoming an NBA basketball player...she is in the 115% for height. Let us all hope that capri pants swing back into style during her elementary years because we are not going to be able to keep this child in pants that do not resemble high-waters.

She weighed in at 21 pounds (60% for anyone who happens to be filling out a baby book for her...hopefully someone is because I have fallen behind on that little chore), confirming my suspicions that she has really been thinning out these past few months. Everything else looked great on the girl and we are incredibly grateful for her perfect health. I did not even broach the subject of her temperament (some of you who have actually met Evelyn might seriously be shocked to see the attitude that girl can display) because my mother can pinpoint who she inherited such a trait from and tell many a story about my early years. I just keep praying that all that spirit bottled up inside Miss E. will be used for the forces of good and not of evil or for the premature graying of my hair. Time will tell.

In Isaac news, he continues to display how little boys are such joys and wonders, sometimes leaving me to shake my head in confusion. Currently both knees are skinned from running too hard and jumping too high and he is always stealing his sister's baby stroller away to be used as a wheelbarrow. He will wrap his blanket around his head and pretend to be "Mr. Mommy" whose main jobs (according to him) are cooking and 'putereing (computering). His new favorite fascination is to call me into the bathroom and tell me what animal or inanimate object his p*op resembles. Seriously. I hate the stifle the creative spirit, but I try to gently explain to him that girls don't like to hear that sort of thing.

It seems that these two kiddos who live at casa de phillips desire more for their summer than to simply sit in the rocking chair and have their Mommy take pictures of them. Go figure. I have been finishing up my summer schedule, which I will share with all of you on Monday June 2nd. I hope many of you are planning on participating!

Happy Friday!


Amy said...

I didn't even know there was a 115th percentile. My kids topped out at 97th:-)

Sydni said...

I like those pictures SO MUCH!

Sayler looked in the toilet at her poop awhile back and said, "Lots a snakes."

Maybe I should have told her that GIRLS should not say such things to other poor girls....

DCVol said...

Those are SUCH sweet, sweet pics. She is blessed to have gotten the long and lean (and fiesty!) genes and Isaac's animals in the potty is HILARIOUS. I love that your mommy job is "putering"- it's amazing what their little perspective of life is!

I am researching Kate's upcoming book that is coming out- thanks for the heads up! I also laughed that you were at Trav's surprise 21st birthday at Drew, Trey & Phillip's house that year at ACU- how funny is that. I definitely wish that we had hung out more at the dear christian college!

Erika said...

Okay, the poop animals comment cracks me up!! I Love Isaac's spirit!